Of Course Inflation Is Awful! Of Course The Supply Chain Problem And The Price Of Gas Is Horrible. However Serious Those Issues Are, Americans Must Not Make Them More Important Than Saving Our Democracy From The Radicalized Republican Party. Unfortunately, Traditional Conservatives Have Given Their Party Over To Trump And His Corrupt MAGA Politics And America’s Bigger Problem Is The Department Of Justice Hasn’t Prosecuted The Crimes Being Committed By Radicalized Republican Politicians. The American Government Must Use The Law To Neuter The Power Of Lying In Politics.

The current Republican party has normalized lying to retain power. They have a base of voters they have duped and radicalized by the corrupt, disordered Donald Trump and other complicit power- hungry Republicans like Senators Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, and Rep. Kevin McCarthy. A traiterous level of lies are being exposed by the Jan. 6th Committee hearings by an all Republican roster of witnesses including Trump attorneys, Trump family members and former Trump administration associates. The testimonies are not based on hearsay or opinions by anti-Trump people. The witnesses are former Trump allies and staunch conservatives who, with evidence, are proving that Trump, members of Congress and rogue, corrupt Republican attorneys tried to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Democrats try to fight by the rules. They worry about losing their integrity in the eyes of the public. They worry too much about being seen as mean, vindictive, aggressive or partisan. These concerns admirable, however they diminish the chances of winning against ruthless, dishonest, corrupt Republican opponents. Democrats must set aside concerns about preserving image, attaining bipartisanship and the failed concept of ” when they go low, we go high.” Going low seems to be a winning strategy for Trump and his party, and going “high” isn’t garnering the power or attention needed to energize Americans who hate the immoral, alt-right direction our country is being taken.

In an analysis of the book, “It’s Time To Fight Dirty”, Dr. John Messerly explains the “prisoner’s dilemma theory” which in layman’s term means, “If your opponent plays dirty and you play nice you get steamrolled, you become a sucker. In this case, you have no choice but to fight fire with fire or you will be dominated.” In his 2018 book, David Faris suggests bold actions the democrats could take if they win the 2020 presidential election and control of Congress. Without needing new constitutional amendments, the book suggests the democrats could:

  • Abolish the filibuster so any bill can pass the Senate with 50 votes and the veep
  • Make D.C. a state, which would add two black Democratic senators to the Senate
  • Make Puerto Rico a state, which would add two Latino Democrats to the Senate
  • Break California into multiple states to add yet more Democrats to the Senate
  • Expand the Supreme Court to 11 (or more) justices, and have the president appoint 40-year-olds

They could then reform voting rights by:

  • requiring a 2-week period of early voting from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day
  • making make pre-registration of 17-year-olds legal nationwide
  • forbidding states from passing voter-ID laws or imposing other non-Constitutional voting requirements
  • making it a federal crime to intimidate voters
  • making Election Day a national holiday for federal employees (and others)
  • fighting gerrymandering by doubling the size of the House (and having multimember districts with proportional representation.)

Faris was warning democrats in 2018 that if they won the 2020 election they would have to fight hard, smart and be willing to bend or eliminate rules and laws that weaken democracy. However, democrats, especially President Biden, refuse to radically fight back against the corrupt, dishonest, violent agenda of the Trump Republican party.

Democrats proudly resist name-calling. However, being ” better than that” is a losing strategy with adversaries who brand their opponents with highly damaging lies and humiliating labels. We, mental health professionals, know Trump has a pathologically weak ego. He could easily be pushed into a public mental state of compensation if people fought him on his low-class terms. To protect their pride, democrats could make disclaimers before bringing up Trump’s odd physical appearance, adulterous affairs, history as a pro-life Democrat, poor grammar, draft- dodging, past affiliations, along with his father, with the Ku Klux Klan. Trump has such low-self esteem he had to break from reality and pretend that he won. A president must lead with calm, integrity, intelligence, and empathy. Based on these criteria, it’s a joke on America that he was ever an American president.

The violent, dark, disordered character of Donald Trump continues to put American lives in danger. His malignant narcissism is spreading through the Republican party like terminal cancer. People are dying, and careers are being destroyed because of Trump’s toxic existence. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Trump compromised the public health of Americans by lying about the danger that the virus posed. He dismantled the Pandemic Prevention Playbook put in place by the Obama Administration, discouraged mask-wearing, promoted bogus therapeutics, and discredited the pandemic medical professionals, and elevated wackos onto his Covid assistance medical team.

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