This Would Be A Good Time For Trump Voters To Think Of Redeeming Their Patriotism By Finding An Authentic, Non-Criminal Conservative To Support Instead Of A Man Who Made Nixon’s Crimes Against Democracy Look Like Petty Theft. Recounting The Watergate Indictments Is A Foreshadowing Of What Probably Awaits The Most Crooked President In History And His Criminal Conspirators. Bob Woodward And Carl Bernstein, The Journalists Who Exposed Nixon’s Role In The Watergate Scandal, Have Publicly Said There Is Enough Evidence To Indict Trump For His Role In The Insurrection And Other Federal Crimes.

The Trump playbook? 1) Claimed the election was rigged before the votes were counted, 2) Tried to have fake electors steal votes awarded to Biden, 3) Publicly pressured VP Mike Pence not to certify the electoral vote which gave the presidency to Joe Biden, 4) Claimed the voting machines were defective, 5) created policies to reduce the efficiency of the postal services, 6) accused democrats and anti-Trump Republicans of stealing the election while he was involved in ” the real steal” and did nothing to stop the violent attack at the Capitol by his supporters who were physically trying to block the peaceful transfer of power.

An additional aspect of Trump’s gaslighting campaign has been to mislead Republican voters to believe the vast amount of Republicans who recognize the danger he poses to democracy are fake Republicans (RINO’s). Trump, the TV producer, keeps coming up with catchy phrases and labels that incite reality TV types to believe his BS. He pathetically delivers punchlines that espouse lies and conspiracy theories with cartoonish insincerity. The way he turns against Republicans who disagree with him is proof he dislikes Republicans as much as he dislikes democrats. If becoming a democrat would guarantee being elected president again, Trump would switch party affiliation.

Senator Ben Sasse occasionally opposes Trump. However, he supports many of his horrible policies and stays quiet about his blatant attacks on our democracy. Sasse cannot be trusted to choose country over party. He writes books on religion and morality but remains silent when Trump lies and violates the teachings of the Bible. However, Sasse is not a RINO. He is a highly conservative Republican, and despite his opportunism, he would be a better choice than Trump for Republicans to support.
Stewart Rhodes, founder of the far-right extremist group the Oathkeepers and Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys are threats to democracy and the Department of Justice has now charged of them with sedition. The Jan. 6th Committee hearings begin on Thursday and America will learn about the connection between seditionists like Rhodes and Tarrio and elected government officials in Congress and possibly the White House.

Journalist Carl Berstein of Watergate fame proclaimed on national TV yesterday that Trump committed the crimes of obstruction of justice and election interference. Now the question is, will Attorney General Merritt Garland act to protect democracy and prove that in America, ” no one is above the law.” Today, the DOJ took action and indicted leadership figures in neo-fascist, anti-government militia groups. Taking this action is bold as proving the crime of sedition has historically failed. Justice being served seems more possible because the DOJ investigation has expanded to pursue those who collaborated and planned the effort to stop the peaceful transfer of a democratically elected US president.

Legal scholars agree that Trump’s Russia scandal, his participation in inciting and planning the insurrection and attempting to install fake electors to overturn Joe Biden’s win makes Nixon’s crimes look small.

The parallels between Nixon’s criminal instincts and Trump’s are astounding. Nixon was lacking in morality and had an insatiable hunger for power. He famously said about obstruction of justice, ” if a president does it, it’s not illegal.” Trump governed with the same grandiose disrespect for the rule of law. He felt entitled to try to steal votes to remain in power illegally. Both Nixon and Trump violated their oath of office. Patriotic Republicans turned on Nixon once they realized he participated in breaking into the Democratic Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel and assisted in covering the crime. Trump instructed his followers to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6th and stop VP Mike Pence from certifying Joe Biden’s electoral win. He conspired with crooked attorneys to plan to overturn the election by installing fake electors. The Republican party of 1972 chose the country over the party and forced Nixon to resign. Millions of democrats and republicans are hoping there is a Republican, like John Dean, who will speak the truth about what Trump knew and when he knew it.

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