Trump’s Desperate Pursuit To Prove His Bogus Conspiracy Theories About The Russia Investigation And Hillary Clinton Have Failed Again. Salon ( May 31, 2022) Reported, “You All Look Like Idiots Now”: Legal Experts Mock Trump After John Durham’s “big fat loss” In Court. Special Prosecutor. Durham Suffered A Humiliating Loss In Court This After Wasting 3 Years And Millions Of Dollars On Trump’s Attemp At Revenge. A Jury Found Clinton’s Attorney Michaell Sussman Innocent Of Lying To The FBI During The Russia Investigation. Attorney General Barr Agreed To An Investigation Into The 2016 Russia Probe Because Trump Wanted The Criminal Findings Against Him Discredited. Durham, Other Trump Loyalists Have Ended Up Discredited, Humiliated, Disbarred, Indicted Or Rejected By The Con Man Himself.

Trump bullied William Barr into appointing a Special Prosecutor to discredit the devastating findings found against him by Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. However, as with the “stop the steal” lie in which no proof of fraud in the 2020 election has been produced, no evidence has been found in Durham’s investigation to disprove Mueller’s findings of Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice. All legal actions Trump has taken to prove his opponents were guilty of crimes during the 2015 campaign have failed. His legal challenges claiming the 2020 election results were “fraudulent” were thrown out of court by over 65 judges for lack of credibility or evidence. Every claim of criminal behavior that Trump makes against others are offenses he has committed. Every investigation he insists will yield evidence to prove his conspiracy theories fail to prove his claims. How can anyone believe someone who makes claims of wrongdoing, promises proof, and years later produces no evidence?

Trump believes investigations should be conducted against anyone but him. He calls for investigations and promises evidence against his opponents that never materializes. Investigations into him consistently yield incriminating and potentially indictable behavior. Hillary subjected herself to aggressive congressional attacks and accusations over Benghazi and despite the partisan nature of the investigations, she testified and never pleaded the fifth. Trump says only “the mob pleads the fifth” yet his allies constantly plead it. People working for Hillary have not gotten “locked up”, but Trump allies have. Hillary did not ignore subpoenas and did not insist her associates obstruct justice and defy Congress, like Trump’s allies have. Only liars and guilty people obstruct justice.

Trump was so humiliated after he lost the election, he immediately started making false accusations of voter fraud and began his “big lie” campaign which has weakened our democracy. His inability to psychologically process being the loser has emboldened him to make claims that he won the election despite no evidence to prove it.

This statement is embarrassing evidence of Trump’s corruption. He is admitting that he believes the results of the 2020 democratic election should have been stopped once he had the lead implying any votes that came after he was leading are fraudulent. How can anyone be gullible enough to believe that BS?

Durham’s failure in court to prove Hillary Clinton’s attorney lied to the FBI reveals how desperate, wasteful, and pointless this investigation is. It also shows the criminal efforts William Barr, Mark Meadows, Lindsey Graham, Kevin McCarthy, and other corrupt government members have been willing to take to appease Trump. Getting rid of Trump’s power would be easy if Republicans would unify and tell the truth to their electorate about him. Republicans act tough but are, in reality, weak and emasculated.

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