Actor And Activist Rob Reiner Predicts The End Of Democracy If Donald Trump Is Not Indicted For Backing The Efforts Of An Insurrection Against Our Government. He Poses The Question, “Does The Majority Of Americans Want To Get Back To Truth And The Rule Of Law?” The Far- Right Wing Of The Republican Party Clearly Doesn’t, As It Is Doubling Down On The Strategies Of Spreading Hyperbolic Lies And Sowing Fear, Hatred And Lawlessness To Win Votes. Without Truth, Decency, And Cohesiveness Between The Two Major Political Parties, Democracy Will End.

Reiner’s message on Twitter and MSNBC today was simple: “It is not about whether you support Republicans or Democrats. It’s about whether you support democracy over autocracy.” The vilification of democrats, independents, and non-MAGA Republicans by the far-right wing of the GOP is weakening the chances for democracy to survive. The presidency of Donald Trump took what was a stagnant tumor under the surface of our politics ( the alt-right) and created a metastasized cancer that, if not aggressively fought, will cause the death of many Americans and our democracy. There is an enormous amount of undeniable evidence that it was Trump and his opportunist, corrupt surrogates that tried to steal the election. To hide the plots of inserting fake electors, tampering with voting machines, and asking election officials to change votes in his favor, Trump wrote the script of rigging the election against him.

Reiner stressed the danger of Trump getting away with inciting the insurrection. He is expressing concerning beliefs about Trump’s inappropriate, secretive relationship with Russia and Putin. In the book, The Plot To Destroy Democracy by Malcom Nance, Vladimir Putin’s strategies to destroy America’s democracy is analyzed in chilling detail. The publisher explains:

Nothing is fake, made up, or partisan about these claims. They are provable facts immortalized in Trump’s words and behaviors on video, at rallies, on Twitter, and in interviews.

In the greatest intelligence operation in the history of the world, Donald Trump was made president of the United States with the assistance of a foreign power. The Plot to Destroy Democracy reveals the dramatic story of how blackmail, espionage, assassination, and psychological warfare were used by Vladimir Putin and his spy agencies to steal the 2016 U.S. election – and attempted to bring about the fall of NATO, the European Union, and western democracy. It will show how Russia and its fifth column allies tried to flip the cornerstones of democracy in order to re-engineer the world political order that has kept most of the world free since 1945.”  

Mr. Reiner tweets tirelessly about the one point crucial to the survival of democracy. Using Trump’s manipulative technique of repeating statements over and over again to influence peoples views, Reiner posts over and over again two three tweets:

  • ” A vote for a Republican is a vote to end democracy.”
  • “Every day that goes by with Donald Trump not being indicted for leading a deadly insurrection to overthrow the United States Government takes us one day closer to ending democracy.”
This illustration was a foreshadowing of Trump’s level of corruption that would lead to the Jan. 6th insurrection. The criminal investigations involving Donald Trump show dangerous corruption and expose the ex-president’s pathological relationship with power and money. At this point in our political dialogue, Trump addicts sound gullible and uneducated when they argue these countless investigations are unfounded witch hunts. Even one investigation like any of those illustrated in this chart sparks suspicion about a person’s character and integrity. The issues involved in these investigations show a flagrant violation the rule of law, a disregard for fair business practices, and a disrespect for the feelings and well- being of others. The election of a person so tainted by his associations with criminals, with a track record of not paying taxes and debts, and a pervasive pattern of lying and gaslighting lowers the integrity of America.

However, Reiner had another tweet this week that sent a hopeful message for democracy: DEMOCRACY WINS!

France repudiated far-right candidate for president Marine Le Pen and re-elected Emmanuel Macron by a wide margin. Additionally, Ukraine is successfully fighting for the survival of its democracy against Russia’s brutal invasion. Thankfully, the ” big lie” roadshow is playing to smaller, less enthusiastic crowds. The fledgling Republican party is doing damage control daily on the scandals of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Madison Cawthorne, Kevin McCarthy, and Mark Meadows and ignoring the kitchen table issues that matter to the average American family. The odds that most Americans will vote against democracy by electing MAGA candidates are getting less and less likely every day.

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