Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Sounded Like An Immature, Lying Idiot In Court Today At The Hearing Requesting She Be Removed From The Ballot In Her Georgia District In Time For The November Elections. She Repeatedly Said She Didn’t Recall Or Never Made Comments In Support Of The Insurrection Despite Evidence Proving She Did. Her Appearance On The Stand Proved She Lacks The Character And Integrity To Be A Lawmaker. However,  It Also Proved The Constitution, As Hard As Its Creators Tried To Protect Democracy From Traitors And Corruption, Actually Protects Those Who Seek To Destroy It.

Despite the broad protections in the Constitution, there are restrictions to free speech.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene made statements between Election Day and the Jan. 6 the attack on the Capitol that meet the criteria for one of the exceptions to free speech protected in the Constitution: Seditious speech. The other exceptions are: fighting words, slander, clear and present danger, and obscenity. Greene, along with other Republican members of Congress violate the First Amendment in their public political discourse and violate it by hypocritically trying to stifle and discredit the free press when it exposes truths that they want hidden from the American people. When the Millenials and Gen X generations dominate the Congress, hopefully lying and hypocrisy will be disqualifying behavior for members of Congress. Both modes of speech are easily proven and should be reason to remove elected officials from positions of power in our government. The power of the vote is the foundation of democracy, however some voters prove they oppose democracy when they elect people who favor racism, autocracy and the influence of religion in government.
Over 65 Judiciary decisions confirmed there was no grounds to invalidate the results of the 2020 Presidential elections. In fact the only attempts at fraud were by Republicans. They lied and continue to falsely claim that they have facts that that there prove there was fraud,  In addition, there were fraudulent attempts by Trump surrogates to install fake electors to steal electoral votes legitimately awarded to Joe Biden and give them to Trump. There has never been a presidential election so blatantly corrupted by one of our governments major political parties than was the 2020 election by the Republicans. At this point, with the overwhelming evidence of fraud and corruption available, The Department of Justice may be derelict in it’s duty by not having indicted Donald Trump and countless surrogates of his like Senators Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and Reps. Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz many others. Democracy is failing us if corrupt criminals are protected by the Constitution to continue to hold political office.
While you’re believing every word out of your hero’s mouth, believe this statement, too. Trump voters, you’ve been punked. Redeem yourselves and return your votes for, not against democracy and decency.

Free speech is crucial to a democracy. However, this right is intended to give value to one’s right to individuality and is not designed to manipulate or harm others for corrupt purposes. The vote must be protected. However, laws must be made and enforced to remove corrupt politicians when voters get it wrong. The blatant, dangerous misinformation spreaders in the Trump GOP like Governors Ron DeSantis, Gregg Abbott, Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, Senator Mitch McConnell, and others are inciting white identity fear to scare vulnerable Americans into voting for them. It’s cruel to exploit people’s insecurities for personal and political gain. However, that’s the current GOP strategy for getting elected.

The face of a beaten liar, hypocrite, and sycophant at the end of his corrupt career. Tapes released this week by authors Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin prove he lied about his negative thoughts and feelings about Trump after the 2020 presidential election. Despite the tapes that confirm what he said, McCarthy denied that he meant what he said. Doesn’t he know everyone knows he is lying? Doesn’t he realize how weak and emasculated he looks when he begs for Trump to forgive and support him?

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