Michigan State Senator Mallory McMorrow Delivered A Speech That Skewered Her MAGA, Q’Anon State Senate Colleague Lana Theis For Accusing Her Of Being A ” Groomer” Of Young Children To Be Sexualized. Even Republican Voters Are Getting Tired Of Hearing Accusations Of Pedophilia, Critical Race Theory Lies, And Gay And Transgender Bashing. It Is Obvious  The Party Has No Agenda Or Interest In Healthcare, Enhancing The Middle Class,  Climate Change Or Protecting Medicare, Medical, Or Social Security. Is The Republican Electorate And Non-MAGA GOP Seriously Going To Let Nuts Like Senator Theis Dodge The Real Issues And Instead  Promote The Q’Anon Cult?

In her speech, Senator McMorrow declared, “I am a straight, white, Christian, married, suburban mom” who wants “every kid to feel seen, heard and supported — not marginalized and targeted because they are not straight, white and Christian.”  Hervspeech was viewed by millions of people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The speech summarized how ridiculous, false, hateful and politically motivated the Republican party’s mid-term election agenda is. McMorrow made the critical observation that Republicans “have been weaponizing religion and Christianity and frankly white, suburban moms and claiming to speak on behalf of all of us. … They don’t.” Republican politicians like Governor’s Glen Younkin and Ron DeSantis are gaslighting gullible suburban mom’s to believe that  democratic politician are grooming their children to be sexualized and to feel guilt and shame over slavery. White, Christian, suburban mom’s care being made to look like paranoid, uneducated, and gullible sheep who believe every creepy, fringe narrative these far-right politicians proclaim. McMorrow’s speech has produced the most honest, accurate counter-narrative for the democrats to use in the months leading up to the mid-terms. The hateful, conspiracy theories Republicans hope will win them the majority in the House and Senate will probably and thankfully cause them to lose. have been weaponizing religion and Christianity and frankly white, suburban moms and claiming to speak on behalf of all of us. … They don’t.”
Ron, Listen to Mickey, Please!

Governor DeSantis is exposing his Trump- inspired revenge style of governing by trying to damage the Disney brand and and it’s revenue stream. The Disney Company spoke out against the DeSantis ” don’t say gay” bill and DeSantis began a revenge campaign that mirrored Trump’s retaliatory form of politics. DeSantis appears to possess Trump’s character flaws of cruelty, bigotry, and narcissism. His  “don’t say gay” law and strict anti-abortion laws reveal he is another Republican politician with extremist views that marginalizes and restricts the personal freedoms of non- white, non- straight, non-male individuals. Like many MAGA politicians DeSantis has camouflaged his homophobic, misogynistic, extremist Christian views ( probably more motivated by power politics than faith) with language that panders to the fears and egos of the extremist wing of their electorate. Another opportunistic failure of DeSantis was his COVID policies which resulted in Florida being one of the leading states in deaths and hospitalizations during the height of the pandemic.
The strangest, most unliked Senator in Congress got even creepier this week. In his defense of Governor Desantis’s revenge campaign against the Disney Company, Cruz opined concern that Disney will soon be depicting Mickey and Goofy “going at it.” Ironically, the party concerned about pedophilia has one of its leading members fantasizing about two animal cartoon characters having sex. Cruz is an epic, shameless hypocrite, once condemning Trump as ” utterly amoral and a sniveling coward.” He is one of many emasculated MAGA loyalists who will say anything to win votes. He got elected to the Senate is a red flag that a large part of the American population who identify as being “good Christians” no longer supports democracy, honesty, and decency. Republicans dislike Cruz because he is a phony, arrogant jerk, even to his colleagues. He will mimic anything Trump, DeSantis, Abbott, or Tucker Carlson if he believes it will benefit his career. Let’s hope no kids watched the interview when he made that grossly inappropriate remark about Mickey and Goofy. Those suburban moms will have to figure out how to explain to their kids what ” going at it” means.
Senator Rick Scott represents the evil ideology toward Americans that many far-right Republicans promote. He is a gaslighter, calling the democrats “elites” to distract from the fact that it’s the Democrats who support social service programs that many rural MAGA supporters and lower-middle-class families rely on to make ends meet. Republican officials who say they stand for democracy and reject the degradation of conservatism caused by Trump and his corrupt allies better stop cringing and start fighting for the party they could once be proud of what it represents.

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