The Republican Party Has Become The Party Of Corruption. A Week Doesn’t Pass Without New Evidence Emerging About A GOP Member Engaging In Lying, Hypocrisy, Racism, Sexism, Lawlessness, Or Obstructionism. If An Immoral Or Cruel Ideology Appeals To Their Base, Republicans Will Support It. Former Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows Was Found To Have Committed Voter Fraud, Texts From Don Jr. Were Released Revealing How He Urged The White House To Take Action To Overturn The 2020 Election, And Rep. Madison Cawthorne Admitted He Made Up The Orgy Story About Non- MAGA GOP Members.

Trump’s criminal acts have been committed on video, on phone calls, and at public rallies. The hesitance on the part of the Justice Department to openly investigate and indict Trump and his enablers for their crimes against the government is a dereliction of its duty. Is the mantra “no one is above the law” a nostalgic, ideological relic or will the Biden Administration resurrect it?

If there is any chance for the addiction to Trump and MAGA/Q’Anon ideology to be broken, the media must constantly report on the factual, provable evidence of corruption and disinformation being spread by the far-right. In Jan. of 2022, Crew Magazine reported Trump committed 3,700 conflicts of interest. His gullible followers and sycophants thought that self-interested bravado was cool, however his behavior actually proved he was an autocratic, democracy- diminshing president like America has never before seen. Joined by Rudy Guiliani, Roger Stone, Kevin McCarthy, Mark Meadows, William Barr, Steven Bannon and dozens of other anti-patrriots, the Trump administration normalized Godfather-style corruption.


  • He refused to divest himself from his businesses and profiteered from being president
  • He visited his properties 547 times giving lobbyists, foreign leaders and special interests access to him to gain political clout
  • He visited his golf courses 328 times to play with government officials to encourage patronage at his properties
  • He inappropriately conducted official presidential business last his resorts such as signing executive orders and conducting press conferences
  • Trump encouraged Republican members of Congress to stay at his properties and 143 of them made 361 visits
  • 150 officials from 77 countries attended events last Trump properties.
  • Trump rewarded special interest groups who stayed at his properties with access to the White House for their meetings.
  • The Trump Organization profitted tens of millions of dollars from special interest groups and foreign leaders staying at his properties

Trump took the risk of using the presidency to enrich himself and his children. He did it brazenly and learned with his crooked Attorney General to protect him, he could get away with it. The violation of the Emoluments Clause was bad enough, however trump did not stop there.

The “lock her up” campaign against Hillary Cinton was the first of many gaslghting narratives Trump’s used to dupe his supporters and created their hatred and violence. His used the defense mechanism of projection. “Projection is a defense mechanism that involves taking your own unacceptable qualities or feelings and ascribing them to other people. “ Most intelligent, mature Americans realize when Trump accused someone of a crime or lie, he is indirectly admitting to being the perpetrator of the misdeed. Scarier than that is his obvious crimes are tolerated, justified by the Republicans pursuit of power, white fear identity, and an ignorance of the meaning of autocracy and fascism.


  • Inciting an insurrection
  • Asking election officials to illegally overturn the election results
  • Making money off the presidency
  • Not paying his taxes
  • Lying under oath to special prosecutor Robert Mueller
  • Backing a plan to stop the peaceful transfer of power
  • Supporting the illegal insertion of fake electors to steal votes from Joe Biden
  • Lying about the danger of COVID contributing to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans
  • Removing classified records from the White House
  • Destroying presidential records which violates the Presidential Records Act
  • Sharing classified information with Russian officials at the White House

The above list is only a shortlist of why he could and should be prosecuted.

There are investigations ongoing against Trump’s which implicates him in federal crimes. The normalization of a president being criminally investigated for multiple federal crimes where evidence of guilt is on video and audiotape is a threat to the survival of democracy. The complicity of the Republican party is equally disturbing and voters must choose country over party or our freedoms will slowly disappear.
Senator Orin Hatch is one among many Republican Congressman who have become enemies of democracy in their pursuit of power. Their power will be used to take away women rights, LGBTQ rights, children s rights, and immigrants rights. Their policies are racist, misogynistic, cruel, religious extremist and counter to the Constitution. Any politician who admits it is ok for a president of their to break the law in order to retain power should be removed from Congress. This far-right modeling from relics Hatch, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Grassley is responsible for the emergence of the newer crop of corrupt lawmakers like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Madison Cawthorne, and Matt Gaetz.

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