History Was Made Today As Ketanji Brown Jackson Became The First Black Woman To Become A Justice On The Supreme Court. The Senate Voted To Confirm Her With A Vote Of 53 To 47, With Republican Senators Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowsky, And Susan Collins Breaking With The MAGA Oppositionist GOP. Justice Jackson Navigated The Racist, Misogynistic, Hypocritical Attacks On Her During Her Confirmation Hearings By Senators Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, And Josh Hawley With Professionalism, Confidence, And Showed Her Worthiness To Serve On The Court And Exposed The Low Character Of These Corrupted Senators.

These men demonstrated aggressive, disrespectful behaviors towards Justice Jackson during her confirmation hearings giving rise to national cries of misogyny, racism and hyper-partisanship. It is this kind of behavior from these kind of men that justifies the need for the Supreme Court, the federal judiciary, and state governments to be stacked with women ( non- MAGA women, of course).   The stellar qualifications of Justice Brown obviously challenged the weak male egos of these presidential wannabee, Trump boot-lickers.
Justice Jackson’s qualifications intimidated the Republican Senators to such a degree they needed to resort to crying about the justified investigation into the Trump- tainted, beer-loving,  crying, sexual assault suspect Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Justice Jackson remained graceful and controlled while these out of control senators eluded to her being a supporter of pedophiles and Nazi’s. Their performances were aimed at the most uneducated, racist portion of their base, however the majority of Americans cringed at their desperate display of aggressive opportunism and hypocrisy.
Lindsey Graham embarrassed himself at the Judge Jackson hearings by whining that his choice for Justice was not nominated, and that Justice Kavanaugh was questioned by Democrats during his confirmation hearings about credible accusations of sexual assault. Graham also complained that while serving as a defense attorney, Judge Jackson defended unsavory client’s as our Constitution instructs defense attorneys to do.  Graham, an attorney himself, asked the judge questions that were constitutionally and ethically inappropriate.

Additionally, Graham was trying to score points with the religious- right-wing of the Republican base by inappropriately using Judge Jackson’s confirmation time to air his grievances over Justice Barrett’s questioning during her confirmation hearing. He revealed his immaturity and lack of professionalism by introducing commentary that was personal and had nothing to do with the judge’s qualifications to serve on the court. Vanity Fair Magazine( April 4th, 2022) described Graham as ” just that much of what congressional historians call a “petty little bitch.” The drama queen questions he made were;
  • “On a scale of 1 to 10, how faithful would you say you are, in terms of religion”?
  • “And your faith matters to you. What faith are you, by the way?”
  • ” Do you feel you could judge a Catholic person fairly?”
  • “Did you watch the Kavanaugh hearings? […] He was ambushed. How would you feel if we did that to you?”
  • ” It sounds like your sentencing means you don’t think child porn online is not that bad.”

Graham’s outrage about child pornography was seen by those who know his record as an airforce attorney and judge as grossly hypocrtitical. Despite the military’s history of light sentencing for it’s members found guilty of engaging in child pornography, ” Graham was an Air Force lawyer for 30 years. He did nothing to fix military leniency toward child porn offenders (Salon, April 8, 2022).

Graham should be confronted with his own political tactics. Imagine how the hissy-fit king would react if he was asked:

  • “Do you agree with Governor Ron DeSantis’s ” don’t say gay” law
  • ” Do you support gay marriage?”
  • “Do you agree with banning transgender individuals from the military?”
  • “On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is someone’s sexual orientation to you?”
Senator Hawley cheering on the insurrectionists to stop the peaceful transfer of power on Jan. 6th. Fire him or ” lock him up”? To ingratiate himself with Republican Q’Anon constituents, Last week, Hawley labeled Judge Jackson’s rulings on child predators as “letting them off the hook.” How can traditional Republicans stay silent when a large wing of their party aligns themselves with perverted- thinking conspiracy theorists? Hawley and Graham know Judge Jackson doesn’t support pedophilia, however they exploited the mental illness of many of their supporters watching the confirmation hearings to win their support.

Senators Hawley, Graham, and Cruz prove how useless an Ivy League education is if not paired with high moral values and common sense. As they made embarrassing spectacles of themselves during the hearings, Judge Jackson calmly responded by saying:

“What we’re trying to do is be rational in our dealing with some of the most horrible kinds of behavior,” she said. “This is what our justice system is about.”

Contrary to the former president, President Biden champions diversity, women, and democracy.

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