Democrats And Republicans Who Wonder Whether Donald Trump Is A Russian Sympathizer Or Russian Spy, Have Their Answer Now. Trump Praised Putin’s Plans To Attack The Independent, Democratic Country Of Ukraine, Calling Him “Smart And Savvy”. He Showed Praise Of His Use Of Lies And Propaganda To Justify Invading Ukraine And Murdering Innocent Citizens. Donald Trump Befriends Murderous Dictators And Admires Their Pursuit Of Destroying Democracies. Anyone Supporting Trump’s Ambition To Be President Again Should Envision Putin Spending Nights In The White House Instructing Trump How To Take Away The Individual Freedoms Embedded In Our Constitution. Autocrats Don’t Like Guns.

All leaders of democratic nations know Vladimir Putin is a dangerous, murderous dictator. He is invading Ukraine, to fulfill his goal of occupying countries he decides Russia should control. He is murdering innocent Ukrainians and threatening to jail Russian citizens if they protest against the invasion. Trump’s admiration of Putin is one of the many indications of just how psychologically disordered he is. The Republican party needs to split, making it impossible for Trump and his dangerous surrogates to win back power.As distasteful it may be for Republicans to keep democrats in power, it is the price they need to pay to save democracy. Splitting the party and destroying the MAGA movement would be the apology to Americans for voting in the most disordered, dangerous man ever to be a U.S. president.

Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin appeared to have an agenda between them that worried members of the military and Congress. In Helsinki, Trump sided with Putin over America’s intelligence community, praised his strength as a leader ( obviously over-looking the murdering and suppression of individual freedoms of Russia’s citizens), invited him to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, and had secret conversations with him on a private cell phone. Trump loyalists prefer to focus on his dictator-style rallies, the stupid red hat, his racist/ anti immigrant policies, and his hatred of democrats instead of his autocratic ambitions and violation of the Constitution. As Putin attacks Ukraine in an attempt to weaken NATO and occupy a sovereign nation, a former U.S. president, seeking to be president again, praises and admires him.

In 2020, he lost big. The blow to his ego has emboldened his autocratic, anti-democracy ideology. He is brazenly spitting in the face of America while spreading the lie he is “Making America Great Again.” This mantra is the dog- whistle to racists throughout America who support Trump’s racist policy against immigrants, black Americans, and anyone not white Christian. It’s a scary throwback to the ideology that fueled the Holocaust. Every Republican staying silent while our democracy weakens is a traitor to their oath to the Constitution. It’s too bad that you might lose your jobs if you defend democracy. Republicans enabled the MAGA, Trumpism movement; now it’s time to take it down.

Putin’s Crimes Against Humanity

It is common knowledge throughout the world that Vladimir Putin is a war criminal and murderer. The Russian dictator got dangerously close bringing is immorality into the Oval Office. Members of Congress from both parties have agreed that Putin is an enemy of the American democracy. Trump’s ignorance, disorders of character, and hunger for money and power allowed Putin to manipulate him to elevate him on the world stage. While president, Trump disparaged and tried to weaken NATO which aligns with what Putin is attempting to do now as he invades Ukraine. Examples of his crimes against humanity are:

  • He was a member of the KGB, a Russian organization with a history of murder and mass killings that date back to Stalin and Lenin.
  • Authorized the bombings of two apartment buildings in Moscow in 1999, killing hundreds of innocent Russian people.
  • Ordered bombings reignited the Second Chechen War, killing approximately 25,000 people.
  • Aided and abetted Russian and pro-Russian terrorists in eastern Ukraine, killing at least 10,000 people to date.
  • Putin’s proxies shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on July 17, 2014, killing 298 innocent people.
  • During Putin’s years in office, many Russian democrats, journalists, and opposition leaders have been killed in mysterious circumstances —( Politico, 2017).
  • Declares gender fluidity as a “crime against humanity.”
  • Illegally annexes Crimea and reclaims it as part of Russia.
  • Approved the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, an outspoken critic of Putin.
Poisoning has become a favorite method of murder by Putin

Any American politician who aligns themselves with Putin and excuses his murderous acts against human life should be removed from office. They present a danger to our national security. Most of them are MAGA Republicans.

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