Flushing White House Records Down The Toilet Is An Act Only A Ridiculous, Corrupt President Like Trump Would Do. Proof Has Also Been Found Proving Trump Violated The Presidential Records Act By Destroying Briefings, Schedules, Articles, Letters, And Memos Both Sensitive and Mundane ( Washington Post, Feb. 5, 2022). He Was Also Found To Have Taken 15 Boxes Of Records From The White House To Mar-a- Lago, Some Of Which Contained Classified Information. Additionally, On Trump’s Behalf, Rudy Giuliani Tried To Confiscate The Voting Machines In Michigan And The Fake Elector Scheme Rounds Out The Trifecta Of Corruption.

The National Archives notified the Department of Justice that former President Trump destroyed many documents protected by the Presidential Records Act. This fact was uncovered when the Archives gained access to the boxes of presidential records that Trump illegally removed from the White House and took to Mar-a-Lago.

We now know why Trump was talking so often about the velocity of toilet flushing in the White House at those rallies in past years. The records he was trying to get rid of kept getting clogged in the toilet because the force wasn’t strong enough to help destroy evidence he wanted to disappear. It is rumored that he was also seen eating some paperwork he wanted hidden. It is a sociological phenomenon to watch people laugh and clap in support of Trump’s embarrassing, cartoonish performances at his rallies. His riffing about toilets, personal attacks on people who oppose him, and lies absorbs the time other presidents use to talk about healthcare, foreign policy, climate change, jobs etc

Patriotic Americans should disregard the millions of gullible, right-wing American reality-show junkies who are going to be crushed when one of Trump’s crimes leads to him being indicted. Because Trump is a disordered cult leader, millions of people will weep in disbelief and anger if they “lock him up.” Members of cults cannot emotionally handle any negative truths about the cult leader. He and the cult’s ideology define their selfhood and purpose. This explains why cult members are prone to violence. The anxiety about their idol being a manipulative fake creates an existential crisis. Suppose the cult leader incites violence through fear-based. False rhetoric, cult members will execute violent commands. Putting themselves at risk becomes an homage to the leader of the movement. Despite the impossible proof of his dishonesty and criminal behavior, Trump’s followers are hooked on the MAGA culture. Only someone brainwashed would continue to follow in light of the overwhelming evidence ( not fake, left-wing lies) of him being an opportunistic scammer.

The image of an overweight, older man, wearing a silly, red hat with a gaslighting slogan on it, raising his fists in the air and screaming about taking over the government is the most ludicrous depiction of a self-proclaimed strongman imaginable.

The latest revelations by former White House staff members who witnessed Trump routinely ripping up presidential records is unprecedented.

“Donald Trump has a longstanding habit of destroying files, preferring to tear them up once finished with them,” reports Aaron Parsley, February 01, 2022 12:58 PM in People.com. Many documents retrieved from Trump by the Archives had been torn to pieces and taped together. Attempting to comply with the federal law that protects the preservation of presidential records, Trump’s staff taped the destroyed records back together. Staffers have come forth and reported they repeatedly told Trump it was illegal to destroy White House records. Additional reporting has surfaced revealing Trump flushed federally protected records down the toilet in the White House. ( Reported in Maggie Haberman’s upcoming book on Trump, ” Confidence Man”).

During the 2015 presidential campaign, Trump called for Hillary Clinton to be ” locked up” because emails on her private server were deleted. Clinton explained the emails were transferred to her staff’s server and were deleted there without her knowledge. The FBI investigated her, and no charges were brought against her. During this time, Trump publicly demonstrated an understanding of the Presidential Records Act and the responsibility of a president or candidate to preserve records for the sake of transparency and adherence to federal law. He knew what he was doing was against the law and didn’t care. It is anti-democratic for a sitting president to be exempt from prosecuting a crime while in office. However, it’s worse to let former presidents escape prosecution for criminal behavior. NO ONE IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOVE THE LAW.

The single worst decision the Republican party has ever made was to elect and continue to support Donald Trump. Despite his success in stacking the courts with conservative judges, Trump lost the presidency, the House, the Senate respect from our allies and led an insurrection against the government. It seems staying power is the only ideology of importance to the current Republican party. Thankfully, Senators Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, and Lisa Murkowski have spoken out against the party’s stance on minimizing the insurrection, promoting the “big lie” and plans to steal future elections.

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