Is Fox Anti-News Performer Tucker Carlson A Russian Asset? The New York Times Thinks He Might Be. His Pro- Russia Rhetoric Is Getting Extensive Airtime In The Russian Media. The Gift Trump And Tucker Carlson Are Giving To Russia Is The Republican Party’s Pursuit Of A One-Party, Autocratic System Of Government. At His Rally In Texas, Trump Once Again Stoked Fear And Anger In His Followers By Lying To Them About Democracy Being Under Assault By Democrats And Non-MAGA Republicans. He Left Out The Part That He Is The Perpetrator. Tucker Carlson Is The Fox Cult Leader. The DOJ Should Keep Their Eye On Him.

He is the master of NO FACTS, hyperbolic lies, disinformation, and now it seems beloved by Russia.

Carlson is a self-proclaimed devotee of Trumpism, nationalism, and conspiracy theories. His arrogance has incorrectly convinced him that his Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from Trinity College makes him an expert on foreign policy, the military, immigration, medical science, and the Constitution. Prior to working at Fox, Carlson had a successful career as a journalist, writing for many reputable publications. He also worked for CNN and MSNBC at one time. However, when he joined Fox in 2009 as a political commentator he began a descent into ideological extremism with his worldview and opinion replacing journalistic integrity. He also became a world-class smartass, insulting immigrants, women, and any ideology that differs from him or MAGA conspiracy theories.

These are among the hateful, racist comments Carlson has made which has cost many advertisers to flee from Fox and Tucker’s show:(Indy100, 2021)

  • He announced wind power is scam, and so is climate change
  • He called women “primitive” and compared them to “dogs”.
  • Said he wouldn’t have voted for Justice Elana Kagan because he didn’t ” find her attractive”.
  • “White Supremacy is a ” hoax”. It’s a conspiracy from the left”.
  • Called Rep. Adam Schiff ” demonstrably mentally ill” because he is involved in investigating Trump
  • Contested the prosecution of cult leader polygamist Warren Jeffs who was later found guilty of child sexual abuse.
  • Said about immigrants, the ” will make the country poorer and dirtier”.
  • Made statements defending the Capitol rioters
  • Claims that it is essentially impossible for a black person from an upper-middle-class background to experience racism
  • claims that it is essentially impossible for a black person from an upper-middle-class background to experience racism.
  • How did we wind up with a country in which feminists do science?”
  • “You’ve got to be honest about what it means to lead a country. It means killing people.”
  • (on the spread of the Coronavirus): “Wokeness is a cult. They’d let you die before they admitted that diversity is not our strength.”
  • Black Lives Matter protesters ‘will come for you’ and that the movement isn’t about Black lives”.

Carlson thrives on divisiveness, languishing in the disruptive chaos of Donald Trump and elevating his self-esteem by attacking others. He only appears competent to people who don’t understand what having accurate intelligence means. His latest pro-Russia, anti-American position on the situation in Ukraine is getting him to rave reviews by Putin and Russian media, so it seems his weak ego is getting what it needs. That is what matters most to people like Tucker and Trump.

The kind of disinformation that Tucker Carlson and the other Fox propagandists spread should not be protected by the First Amendment. Hopefully, when the millennials, Gen Z, and Gen X generations take control of the government, dangerous lies that encourage gullible and disenfranchised voters to violent acts against democracy will not be protected speech under the Constitution. The abundance of power-hungry, character disordered elected officials and the right-wing media make it impossible to keep the well-intentioned freedoms outlined in the Constitution intact.

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