“What Do They Stand For” President Biden Rightfully Asked When Referring To The Republican Party During His Press Conference Today. It Was A Brilliant Strategy Because The GOP Doesn’t Stand For Anything Useful To The Average American Family. They Stand For Donald Trump, The Anti- Democracy Ideology Of Voter Suppression, And Attaining Power Over Upholding The Constitution. The Question “What Do They Stand For” Exposes Republicans Do Not Promote Legislation To Lower Prescription Drug Prices, Provide Childcare Funding, Address Climate Change Or Fund Early Childhood Education.

President Biden is lobbying to better the lives of the average American family. Republicans lobby for power and the rich.

Approximately 62% of the American people support the contents of the Build Back Better Plan. Republicans falsely claim to be for the programs in the Biden plan, but oppose the federal government funding of the programs. That explanation reeks of insincerity. If you look at states represented by top Republicans such as Senator Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, they lack program funding for the kind of aid the lower and middle family needs to thrive and that Democrats propose.

Despite the rampant poverty in many red states, Republican Senators still choose to reject what the power of the federal government can do to help states whose governments are failing them. There is a coldness and antiquated attitude in which elected Republican officials vote on legislation. It’s a “NO” to help the average American family and a unanimous ” YES” for tax cuts for the rich.
Notice Lindsey Graham’s state of South Carolina and Mitch McConnell’s state of Kentucky are amongst the poorest states in America.  These state governments have failed to create economic success and stability for their many of their citizens while their U.S. Senators obstruct the passing of federal programs that would create opportunities for families to rise out of poverty. These hypocritical Senators call Democrats ” elites” while Mc Connell enjoy the luxuries afforded to them from donors and special interests.

McConnell recently declared they would not be running on any policies for the mid-term elections. That statement is blatant proof. Republicans are not authentically passionate about meeting the needs of their constituents. They support issues that win votes in the right geographic areas to gain power. President Biden’s approval rating was over 60% in the first months of his term because he’s successful vaccine rollout and the decrease in the COVID spread, hospitalizations, and infection rate. However, the Delta Variant struck hard, and the pandemic recovery suffered a setback, and so did Biden’s approval rating.

During his speech and press conference today, Biden defended his record, citing his achievements of the American Rescue Plan, The Cares Act, the Infrastructure Bill, and the vaccination of 250 million Americans. He touted his efforts to pass the John Lewis Voter Advancement Act, and the For The Peoples Act saw his pursuit of passing these bills as keeping his campaign promise to protect voter rights. He was honest about his disagreement and disappointment with Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema for voting against a temporary change in the filibuster that would have allowed the bills to become law.

President Biden spent 2 hrs answering questions by the press after his speech. He answered questions about Russian aggression at the Ukranian border, the COVID pandemic, inflation, the failure of passing voting rights legislation, and the o

  Manchin made a fool of himself today during the Senate debate on voting rights. He claimed the filibuster “had not been changed in 232 years” (CNN, Jan. 13, 2022). The filibuster threshold of 60 votes was established in 1975. In the past, he defended his position against changing the filibuster to pass voting rights legislation by saying “doing so weakens the binds of democracy” ( CNN June 2021). Manchin’s position is rooted in old school, wishful thinking about how a healthy democracy should function. He is a relic of a politician. Has he been in a coma while Donald Trump and the Republicans have continued to spread the lie about the 2020 election being fraudulent and stolen?  Has he been looking the other way while Republicans pass corrupt, partisan voter suppression laws throughout the country? As future elections get stolen by the Republicans, we will remember to brand Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin as responsible for the first Q’anon president.

President Biden confirmed his commitment today to get the pandemic under control, grow the economy with the passing of Build Back Better legislation, continue the fight for voting rights protections, and heal our divisions. A newsman from NewsMax asked Biden the disrespectful question, ” why do you think 49% of Americans believe you have cognitive problems”? Biden smirked and answered, “I have no idea,” then went to the next question. The media should ask Trump to answer questions on complex issues for two hours to compare the knowledge, mental competence, and level of care demonstrated by the two men. I vote team Biden. He committed himself today to bringing his plan to the people to combat the disinformation being spread by Trump, the GOP Congress, and the Fox Reality Show pretending to be a newsroom. The American people want and need the legislation passed that democrats are fighting to enact. Biden will now dialogue with those who hold the ultimate power in a democracy, THE PEOPLE.

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