Republican Organizations Are Forming To Ensure Donald Trump Never Becomes President Again. Trump Supporters Who Believe It’s The Liberal Democrats Or The Fake Republicans Who Are Spreading Lies About Him Better Start Reading Legitimate News Instead Of Relying On The Journalism Reality Show On Fox TV. The Anti -Trump Organizations Consist Of Former Members Of The Trump Administration, The Justice Department, The Military, Law Enforcement, And Members Of The Legal Community. They Are United To Present Evidence Of Trump’s Mental Instability, Criminality, And Incompetence.

Adam Kinzinger: Smart, Patriotic, Conservative, Brave, Decent And Sees Trump As A Danger To Democracy. He Sees The Ex-President As Incompetent, Hateful, Dishonest, And Autocratic. Hopefully, his departure from Congress this year means he will run for an office that will position him better to recover his party from the control of Trump, the MAGA cult, and Trumpism ideology.
THE LINCOLN PROJECT MISSION STATEMENT: “they have catalyzed a nationwide movement promoting a singular and most pressing mission:
“We do not undertake this task lightly nor from ideological preference. Our many policy differences with Democrats remain. However, the priority for all patriotic Americans must be a shared fidelity to the Constitution and a commitment to defeat those candidates who have abandoned their constitutional oaths, regardless of party. Electing Democrats who support the Constitution, over Republicans who do not, is a worthy effort.”
— -Lincoln Project

Miles Taylor (the former chief of staff in the Department of Homeland Security during the Trump administration) and Christine Todd Whitman (the former Republican governor of New Jersey).  argue that “to defend democracy, anti-Trump Republicans need to vote for Democrats in 2022 (New York Times, 2021). Renew America is part of a growing center-right movement of never-Trump Republicans to defeat Trump and Trumpism. Taylor and Whitman explain, “Starting a new center-right party may prove to be the last resort if Trump-backed candidates continue to win Republican primaries. We and our allies have debated the option of starting a new party for months and will continue to explore its viability in the long run”. (Niskanen Center blog, Oct. 2021)

The Republican Accountability Project is the new name for the original movement, Republican Voters Against Trump. The project is “against Republicans who restrict voting, undermine democracy and betray America’s deepest values” (RAP mission statement). The focus of the group is defending “Republican principles”, and attacking Republicans whom they hold responsible for the Capitol attack, for promoting the “big lie” and for supporting Trump and his anti- democracy ideology. Members of RAP reject Donald Trump and the false narrative that he is true conservative. They dismiss any comparisons of Trump to Republicans deserving of their respect such as Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln. The organization changed their name after the insurrection with the focus becoming holding legislators accountable for supporting Trump’s false narrative that the election was wrought with fraud and stolen from him. “In April 2021, the organization released a “GOP democracy report card” which gave 14 members of congress an A and over 100 members an F.” (Wikipedia)

Conservative pundit Jonathan Goldberg opposes Trump vehemently, however, he prefers a Republican exodus from the MAGA-wing of the party and the formation of a Reagan-like party having a commitment to defending election integrity and transparency. The Lincoln Project and the other movements are willing to vote for Democrats in races where Trump is trying to install corrupt surrogates to help him manipulate the vote of the people.

The Republican’s rejection of Trump’s incompetence and his racist, elitist ideologies grows throughout the country. Never-Trump Republicans exhibit no fear of retaliation by the former president. These organizations are hyper-focused on electing people from either party who are dedicated to protecting democracy, not attempting to destroy it in support of the autocratic vision of Donald Trump.

For Republicans, Ronald Reagan was the gold standard for conservative values. So how has Donald Trump, a twice- impeached, heavily investigated, instigator of an insurrection president
become the standard bearer of the Republican party?

The conservative projects are laser-focused on keeping federal and state elections free of Trump’s corrupt interference in elections that he or any Republican loses.

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