Repost From May 2020 With Updated Questions Post His Election Loss And The ” Big Lie”: Original Post Read: “Here Are Questions Trump Should Be Expected To Answer. His Answers Could Clarify Speculations About His Mental Health Issues And Financial Conflicts of Interests. A Qualified President Should Be Honest, Able To Answer Complicated Questions, Admit When He Is Wrong, Show A Willingness To Learn And Change, Be Transparent And Show Compassion. These Are Traits Trump Does Not Seem To Have Or Value.”

  1. If your base insisted you release your taxes, financial records, and medical records, would you do it?
  2. What are you afraid Don McGahn might say if ordered to testify in front of Congress?
  3. Can you name three “kill stories” hidden in the vault at the National Enquirer?
  4. Would you resign from office if you were promised no indictments would be handed down against you for the crimes for which you have been accused?
  5. What medical tests were performed at the end of last year that you said were preliminary for your annual physical in the Spring?

6. Do You believe excessive use of force by white police officers towards black men exists? If not, why?

7. How do you excuse your excessive golfing when you criticized President Obama’s golfing pattern?

8. Why have you deprived the American children of seeing Barron in the first child role? Are you hiding something?

9. How is your use of private, untraceable phone calls Putin different from Hillary Clinton having a private server and deleting her emails?

10. Do you actually think Jared Kushner is the most qualified person in government to negotiate Middle East peace, solve the opioid crisis, and solve the pandemic? If so, explain.

11. Will you swear under oath that your tax returns would reveal no business dealings with Russia, China, or Turkey or any other country which would prove conflicts of interests inappropriate for a president?

12. Why did so many members of your campaign meet with Russians during your campaign and lie about it?

13. Covid-19 began in China, but China is not responsible for how you downplayed the threat it posed and that you did nothing for six weeks after you were told by medical experts that a plan was needed to protect public health. These are facts, so what would it take for you to admit it, apologize, and stop following your initial failed strategy of dishonesty as the country reopens?

14. Would you be willing to take a college, -level exam on the Constitution and the Bible?

15. You lied to Robert Mueller in your under oath, written testimony. Are you aware you could be indicted for it?

16. Why did you feel it necessary to force so many people around you to sign NDA’s?

17. Are you aware everyone knows you slept with Stormy Daniels, paid her off, and had an affair with Susan MacDougall?

18. Jeffrey Epstein said you guys were each other’s ” wingmen” when on the prowl for women. Can you prove he was lying?

19. Your pervasive lying and impulsive outbursts indicate psychological problems. Have you ever seen a psychotherapist,?

20. Can you name the statements you have made that have been labeled racist and explain them?

21. Why are you hateful towards Obama instead of just merely being in disagreement with his politics?

22. How much money do you owe to China?

23. How do you explain why so many Republicans and Democrats dislike you?

24. What would it take to nullify all the NDA’s you have forced people to sign?

25. Are you willing to form a task force dedicated to alleviating racial inequality? Will you reject the support of white supremacists and their ideology? If not, why?

26. Have you ever watched the movies Roots, Mississippi Burning, or 12 Years A Slave? If not, why?

27. To prove your deep Christian faith, will you exchange golfing on Sunday’s for church attendance? If not, why?

28. Why do you demand loyalty and yet not show it to others?

29. Are you aware of how hateful and vindictive your tweets are? Does sending them to make you feel superior or strong?

30. How are rural, white, older Americans benefitting from the stock market or the tax cuts for the rich?

Governor Andrew Cuomo once again today answered questions in a direct, comprehensive, honest manner during his daily press conference. His presentations always remind the country of how Trump does not answer questions directly, honestly, and with respect for the questioner and the question itself. Imagine how he would respond to the above questions being asked of him. It is not hard to imagine the anger, blame, and incoherence that would characterize his responses. America needs their presidents to be skilled communicators, not elusive, arrogant spin-masters.

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