Michael Cohen Was A Corrupt Trump Loyalist Who Got Caught And Abandoned By Trump.  Co-conspirator In The Stormy Daniels Pay Off, Trump  Got Away With It Because America Allowed The Corrupt President To Be Above The Law. Cohen, However, Has Proven To Be Smarter And More Repentant Than The Others Trump Has Betrayed. In His Book, Disloyal, Cohen Exposes Trump’s Inability To Care About Anyone But Himself. He Has Filed A Lawsuit Suing Trump For Returning Him To Prison For Exercising His First Amendment Right To Publish His Book. Trump Believes It’s Only His First Amendment Rights And Those Of White Supremacists That Are Important Enough To Be Protected.

In 2020, Trump ordered Cohen back to prison from house arrest falsely  accusing him for failing to accept certain terms of his release. The real reason for the retalitory imprisonment was to stop the release of his book, Disloyal. Cohen is suing Trump for using punishment to limit his First Amendment Rights and for inflicting  ” extreme emotional and physical harm”.
Trump Tantrummed When His Egregious Lying Got Him Banned From Twitter And Facebook. He Was Ready To Sue The Platforms For Silencing Him, (His Favorite Pasttime Besides Golf),  And Yet He Felt Justified To Punish Michael Cohen For Writing A Book That Was Critical Of Him. Don’t Touch His Right To Lie, Spread Dangerous Disinformation, And Threaten People, However Allow Him To Take Away First Amendment Protected Speech From Others If He Doesn’t Like What They Have To Say. Hypocrisy Is Dangerous. There Should Be Legislation Making It A Punishable Crime For Elected Officials.

On Dec. 21st, 2021,  an article from the Associated Press reported on Michael Cohen’s lawsuit against Trump, which accused him of “retaliatory imprisonment.” The article says the case is moving forward and will eventually force Trump to be deposed. The AP article reported, “a federal judge ordered Cohen returned to home confinement, saying his return to Otisville had been “retaliatory.” Federal judges continue to be the only check on holding Trump accountable for his corrupt abuses of the law. Without the Department of Justice policy not to prosecute a president for crimes committed during his term in office, Trump would not be a free man or, at the very least, would be a felon and unable ever to hold public office.

Trump’s cruel nature has been apparent in his immigration policies, disregard for police brutality against black Americans, and his disinterest in providing federal funding for programs that help the poor and disabled. His cruelty was also apparent in Cohen’s treatment during his unjustified re- confinement in Otisville. The AP report indicated “his second stint behind bars began with 16 harrowing days in solitary confinement. They report Cohen says he suffered shortness of breath, severe headaches and anxiety inside a small cell he left just 30 minutes a day at the federal prison in Otisville”. The actions Trump frequently complains about others engaging in are behaviors that he routinely participates in towards others. Hypocrisy, gaslighting, lying in search of power are now the foundational aspects of the GOP. The wimpy silent men and women of Congress are equally complicit in the attack on American democracy and its values. Senator Mitch McConnell has declared the Republican party is not running on issues for the 2022 midterms, That declaration is an admission by Mc Connell that Republicans stand for two things only: Whatever Donald Trump stands for and demands of them, and 2) gaining power at any cost to decency or adherence to the rule of law.

Cohen’s lawsuit against Trump exposes a level of hypocrisy that oozes psychologicall pathology and corruption that the DOJ, every state government, and President Biden must fight as if all of our lives depend on it. Cohen is defending his First Amendment Right of free speech. Trump is against a free press when it criticizes him. That position negates support of a free press. Trump calls fact-based news fake news when it exposes his corruption and lies, a position that dangerous dictators promote.

Trump’s legal troubles are mounting. His legal team, consisting of attorneys David Schoen and Bito Rizzuto whose past client roster consists of infamous mob bosses, are being paid millions of dollars by the Republican National Committee, which is funded by dark money and small donors. The epic scamming by Trump is now his way of earning a living now that his brand has been tarnished by his disastrous presidency, impeachments, and pending criminal investigations. It’s the corrupt MAGA members of Congress and a gullible electorate that are keeping the Trump scam on America alive. Those Americans who see through the fraud can look in the mirror without shame, knowing their cognitive abilities are intact and their moral decency has not been hijacked for the emotional high of joining a cult that is heading for a disastrous ending for Trump, his family, and it’s members. Americans who know better will be credited for remaining patriotic during this failed Republican party coup attempt.

Twitter and Facebook have silenced Trump. Major networks boycott his speeches. He abuses free address by lying, gaslighting, and brainwashing his base. He is a cartoonish cliche but a dangerous one. More people who’s lives have bee ruined by Trump should grow a spine like Michael Cohen and retaliate against him.

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