Is President Biden Governing With Too Much Emphasis On Being A Proponent Of Bipartisanship Instead Of Firing All Of Trumps Ultra- Conservstive Appointees? Concern Is Mounting About President Biden Leaving Chris Wray As Director Of The FBI. There Is Documented History Regarding Wray’s Underestimation of White Supremacy As A Domestic Threat. A Lack Of Trust Is Growing About Him Remaining In Power To Handle The National Rise In White Supremacist Violence.

Christopher Wray Was Appointed Director of The FBI After James Comey Was Fired By President Trump. However, Trump Soured On Wray When He Refused To Begin An Investigation into Hunter Biden About His Dealings In The Ukranie”.

President Biden has said he has no plans to fire or replace Director Wray. His position on Wray signals a contradiction in Biden’s commitment to fighting white supremacist terrorism in America. An article written on April 28, 2021 in the American Prospect reported “Wray’s unwillingness to take far-right domestic terror seriously is well-documented. ” The article reported:

  • Wray said that “Jihadist” and “foreign-inspired” terror posed the greatest threat to the U.S.
  • Ignored evidence that far-right acts of domestic terrorism outnumbered Islamist terror plots and acts (half of which the FBI caught through sting operations) by a 2-to-1 margin.
  • Wray neglected to include white supremacy and white nationalism as threats to America at all in his statement at a July 2019 congressional committee hearing
  • leaked documents revealed the agency only considered far-right terror to be a “medium” threat.
  • Wray fails to connect so-called “lone wolf” shootings of specific minority groups with a broader movement of terror attacks motivated by white supremacist beliefs
  • Wray dedicated significant resources to the completely fabricated “Black Identity Extremist” category of domestic terror. No terrorist groups exist which use this moniker or anything similar to it.
  • Animal rights groups and groups considered to be environmental extremists are targets of Wray’s FBI.
  • The Bureau targeted The Black Lives Matter movement with excessive surveillance and coordination, beyond the lessor effort to investigate the aggressive, violent vitriol of white supremcaist groups.

Wray has stated he sees the surging violence from the white supremacist movement as a “medium threat”. He continuously asserts that “the bureau doesn’t “investigate the ideology, no matter how repugnant. We investigate violence.” why doesn’t he realize the correlation between negative ideology and violent acting out. To eliminate the investigations into the ideology of white supremacist groups increases the odds of not predicting and preventing violence to occur.

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