The Trump-Stacked, Politically Motivated Supreme Court Heard Oral Arguments On The Mississippi Anti-Abortion Bill And The Republican Justices Dog-Whistled They Will Rule In Favor Of The Bill Which  Takes Away A Women’s Right To Obtain An Abortion In That State. This Will Give The Greenlight To Other States To Do The Same. If This Ruling Happens, It Will Is The First Time In American History That An Established Constitutional Right Is Taken Away By The Supreme Court. Trump Supporters, Don’t Throw A Party Yet. Such A Ruling Paves The Way For A Liberal Court To Someday Take Away Your Right To Possess Your Excessive Collection Of Assault Weapons. Has Radicalization Seeped Into The Court?

Though Mitch McConnell Blocked Obama’ a Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland Because It Was In The Last Year Of His Presidency, He Pushed Through Amy Coney- Barrett Onto The Court Three Weeks Before The 2020 Election. Hypocrisy Is Corruption And Republicans Embrace It, While They Fight It When Used By Opponents. The Court Is Politically “Owned,” And Democrats Must Legislate To Change That. Women And Minorities Stand To Lose Liberties If Corrupt Politicization Of The Court Isn’t stopped.

The Democrats control of all three branches of government and need to move fast to save democracy while they have the power. Trump and Mitch Mc Connell, through unethical and hypocritical methods, have stacked the Supreme Court with super conservative extremists and also packed the federal courts with extreme conservative judges. With these appointees, the separation of church and state dictated by the Constitution becomes meaningless. The fight to safe democracy, protect the rule of law as written in the Constitution, and reflect the will of the diverse majority of Americans should elicit bold action by President Biden like expanding the amount of Supreme Court Justices and implementing term limits. The politicization of appointing judges has been perfected by corrupt Senator Mitch McConnell and he has not shown an interest in bipartisan governing or fulfilling the needs and wants of Americans other than his white, Christian conservative base.

Thankfully, the American electorate is becoming more diverse and eventually the racists, extreme evangelicals, and misogynists will be out to pasture and political practices will reflect what the Founding Fathers intended: All People Are Created Equal. Governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis, Texas’s Gregg Abbott, and Georgia’s Kemp blatantly govern through an authoritarian, racist, and misogynistic lens. From a psychological perspective, the explanation for the support they receive from voters fall into these categories: cultists, Democrat- haters, uneducated, sole-consumers of Fox News, religious extremists, racists, or pathological haters.

The radicalization of the Republican party and the disinformation programming by the conservative media is putting democracy at risk to fail. Unintentionally complicit in this swift movement towards authoritarianism is the Democrats weak enforcement of the rule of law which is allowing blatant, unlawful acts to go unpunished by Trump and his loyal enemies of democracy. The manipulative, corrupt skills employed by the Republicans, including gaslighting, have brainwashed millions in the Republican electorate to believe the insurrection was a justified, patriotic act and the legitimate, non-fraudulent 2020 presidential election was an attack on democracy. That manipulative narrative is an example of political gaslighting and is one of the major strategies used by the radicalized, Trump-wing of the GOP.

The essence of the strategy is, “the utilization of deceptive and manipulative information with the motivation to destabilize and disorient public opinion on political issues.” For example, Trump declares, ” we have to take our country back” while in reality it isn’t being stolen at all. He does this to deflect attention from the reality that he and his surrogates were trying to steal the election by pressuring states to falsify counted and recounted fairly cast ballots. Federal judges have patriotically protected democracy by blocking attempts by Trump and the Republican’s from corrupting our elections with their bogus claims of election fraud.

The insurrection was clearly seen live on TV as a violent attack on the Capitol Bldg, the Capitol and DC police, by Trump supporters. Additionallyy the attack included an aggressive pursuit to inflict physical harm on members of Congress. America saw the attack while it happened. We saw the beatings of police, the breaking of windows to violently enter the Capitol, the death of a fileer killed by police gunshot, and the invading of the House chamber in an attempt to stop the democratic certification of electoral votes for Joe Biden,  the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

Almost one year later, the Department of Justice has prosecuted hundreds of the insurrectionists. However, the department has revealed no investigation into the role Trump and other members of his administration and Congress may have played in the planning or financing of the insurrection. Americans who care about saving democracy should thank Speaker Nancy Pelosi for forming the Jan. 6th Committee to thoroughly investigate who in our government, including the ex-president, could have been part of the planning and financing of the a seemingly well-organized attempt to interfere with the constitutionally prescribed peaceful transfer of power.

Trump’s Supreme Court majority may soon rule on his case which attempts to block the release of the Archives documentation from the White House records on and leading up to Jan. 6th. Trump plans to appeal the rulings by two lower courts which ordered the Archives to release the records to the committee. If the Supreme Court agrees to take the case, they will be deciding on whether to rule against the Constitution’s decree which gives the sitting president, not the former president the power to assert executive privilege. Trump, in true authoritarian style, has consistently and inappropriately asserted executive privilege to block transparency to the American people. Why is he always hiding and lying? Is he a traitor to the Constitution? Will Democrats, Independents, and sane Republicans join together and rid our politics of this mafia-like corruption and conspiracytheory lunacy?

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