Mark Meadows And Kevin McCarthy Must Be Told They Are Wasting Their Time Kissing Trump’s Ass. He Will Never Forgive Them Or Trust Them Again. They Are Like “Dead Men Walking” To Trump. McCarthy’s Statement That Trump Had Some Responsibility In Inciting The Insurrection Is On Tape And Trump Will Get His Revenge. Meadow’s New Book “The Chief’s Chief” Paints Trump As Fragile When He Was Ravaged By COVID And He Has Turned Over 6000 Documents To The Jan. 6th Committee. His Days Are Numbered In Trump World.

It’s astounding how Trump loyalists don’t understand that he is incapable of loyalty and each of their days are numbered for getting kicked to the curb when he needs to feed his rage and destroy their careers or sabotage their livelihoods in revenge. These emasculated, hypocritical, wimpy, shameless bootlickers of Donald Trump is off the charts cringeworthy. Mark Mitchell is struggling to take back or minimize the damaging revelations he revealed about Trump in his book. Regarding Trump’s COVID episode Mitchell said Trump was extremely ill, with low oxygen levels, didn’ t look well and had to receive aggressive treatment at Walter Reed Hospital. It is reported that Trump is outraged, which appears to have scared the weak Meadows into retracting what he wrote in his book.

Kevin McCarthy has ceased all efforts towards doing his job in the House and instead is working full-time to be forgiven by Trump and to secure a place of esteemed entry into Trumpworld. However, Trump appears to tolerate McCarthy, not celebrate him, a foreboding sign that he is being used until he will not be needed. How can these two politically experienced men misread the transparency and inevitability of Trump’s disloyalt pattern of unforgiving revenge? If McCarthy and Meadows were not so dispicable, they might be seen as sympathetic victims. However, they are blatantly abandoning their oath of office by being complicit in support of the anti-democracy ” big lie” and ” stop the steal” movement and deserve the fate of ruin that awaits most of Trump’s friends and colleagues.

The Bully And The Bootlicker

The list of fallen Trump loyalists that have been kicked to the curb by Trump keeps growing, and McCarthy and Meadows are candidates to join this formidable list;

  • Rudy Guiliani– Disgraced former personal Trump attorney has had his license to practice law in New York suspended and is being investigated for involvement in multiple crimes.
  • Sidney Powell– Another disgraced former Trump attorney who is facing disbarment for making bogus claims of election fraud to the courts
  • Michael Cohen, his former personal lawyer who went to jail for campaign finance violation charges that Trump instigated. Trump abandoned Cohen showing no loyalty and offering no legal protection
  • Trump turned on Drs. Anthony Fauci and Debra Birx for reporting honestly about the dangers of COVID-19
  • Son-in-law Jared Kushner was blamed by Trump for his election loss citing bad advice. Once Trump’s everything guy, Trump barely speaks to Jared now.
  • Mike Pence has been demonized and rejected by Trump for not blocking the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral college win in the 2020 election
  • General John Kelly, who served as White House Chief-of-Staff began his job with Trump’s respect and adoration and months later was fired, said by Trump to be ” in over his head.”
  • John Bolton, Trump’s national security advisor who was fired after disagreeing with Trump’s handling of the Ukraine phone call with President Zelensky.
  • Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked by Trump for congratulating Joe Biden for his election win. Now “Donald Corleone” is seeking to politically sabotage Netanyahu’s future political goals.

Trump has a pattern of seeking revenge on people who disagree with him or oppose him. Narcissism and anti-social personality traits make developing healthy relationships impossible. The narcissist fails at complex relationship components like commitment, forgiveness, apologizing, and self-exploration. Blamers take no responsibility when situations become conflictual or don’t go their way. Any effort Mark Meadows And Kevin McCarthy make to get Trump to like them and be loyal will fail. He will tolerate them and feign acceptance while they are helpful to him and then pretend like they don’t exist or seek to destroy them. That is the Trump way. Americans must save civility and stop this trajectory of being a political mafia system by rejecting Trump, his anti-American values, and anyone who went along with his assault on America.

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