The Ideology Of The Right-Wing Of The Republican Party Could Qualify For A Mental Disorder Diagnosis In The DSM- V Manual. Radicalization, Conspiracy Theories, Denial Of Reality/Facts, And Violent Tendencies Now Pervade Both The Republican Electorate And Republican Members Of Congress. The Symptomology Is Memorialized In Photos, Video, And In Their Rhetoric And Behaviors. The Crazier They Become, The Better The Mid-terms Are Looking For The Democrats.

An All-American Republican Family Celebrates Christmas And Their Christian Values By Romancing Their Gun Obsession While Four More Families Bury Their High School Kids From A School Shooter. They Have A Distorted Interpretation Of The 2nd Amendment Which They Believe Implies No Limits On When And Where You Can Carry Your Guns And Possessing A Military Assault Weapon Is A Fundamental Right Needed To Survive.
Marjorie Taylor- Greene: A Qanon Believer, Aggressive Stalker Of Colleagues At The Capitol, A Constitutional Illiterate, COVID Skeptic, Promoter Of Anti- Semitic And Anti- Minority Rhetoric, Has Said 911 Was A Hoax And Barack Obama Is A Muslim. Any Therapist Would Suggest She Has A Thought Disorder And Should Be Voted Out Of Congress.
VIOLENT INSURRECTION CELEBRATED BY TRUMP AND MINIMIZED BY THE GOP. Donald Trump Has Lied To His Supporters About The Election Being Stolen To Complete Their Radicalization Process. White Supremacist Groups Are Emboldened By Trump’s Blatant Racism, Are Brainwashed And Will Commit Violence When He Asks, As He Did On Jan. 6th. His Chronic Lying, Breaking The Law, Disparaging Minorities, And Is Consumed With Trying To Corrupt And Steal The 2020 Election That He Lost. Trump’s Perversion Of The GOP Has Some Republicans, Like Rep. Adam Kinzinger, Lining Up To Bring A Sane Candidate To Support.
Republican State-Run Governments Are Engaging In Partisan Gerrymandering In Reaction To Their States Population Becoming More Diverse And The Majority Electorate. This Is Another Blatant Move To Cheat And Steal To Regain Power. The Department Of Justice Is Being Pressured To Challenge These Corrupt Practices In The Courts.
Donald Trump, The First American President Ever Embraced By Neo- Nazi Groups And White Supremacists. He Has Been Wooing Their Support Since The Deadly Charlottesville Neo-Nazi Demonstration In 2017, Where He Referred To Them As, ” Good People.” At The 2020 Presidential Debate He Eerily Told The Proud Boys To “Stand Back And Stand By.” White Supremacists Have Become Emboldened Since Trump Legitimized Has Their Hatred. Violence And Harrassment Towards Jews Has Increaed In America Since Trump’s Presidency And Has Continued. It Lead To The Violent Insurrection On Jan. 6th Which Was Heavily Attended By Neo- Nazi Groups. WHILE GASLIGHTING RICH AMERICAN JEWS WITH HIS LOVE OF ISRAEL, HE UNLEASHED A RESURGENCE OF HITLER-ERA ANTI-SEMITISM.
Trump Has Told 30,000 Proven Lies To The American People. His Lawyers, GOP Members Of Congress, Conservative Media, Friends, And Family All Lie To Protect Him. Republican Members Of Congress Either Spread The ” Big Lie” Or Stay Silent vs. Publicly Declaring The Election Was Legitimate And The ” Big Lie” Is The Only Lie Being Told. If Lying Gets Them Votes And Keep In Trump’s Good Favor, Republicans Are All In With Lying. How Does Democracy Survive Without Honesty And Transparency?
Republicans Have Decided To Hate Democrats, Cheat To Win, Reject Bipartisanship, And Support Non-Transparent Leadership. In Other Words, They Prefer A One-Party System (Anti- Democracy), Accept Corruption If It Wins Them Power, And Have Normalized Lying And Gaslighting As An Acceptable Political Strategy.
The Republican Party Fully Supported Trump’s Policies Of Family Separation Of Immigrants At The Border And Putting Kids In Cages In Substandard Conditions. The Faux Christians In The GOP Support Racist, Cruel, Anti-Democracy Policies That Hurt And Even Kill People. The Addiction To Trump And Power Has Made The Right-Wing MAGA Congress Members Inhumane. The Rest Of The Silent Republicans Is Traitor-Like, Wimpy Opportunists. If Your Not White, Christian, Rich, And Devoted To Authoritarianism, Republicans Regaining Power Will Be Your Worst Nightmare.

The Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, Marjorie Taylor-Greene Wing Of The Republican Party Will Destroy Democracy, Eliminate National Dignity And Incite Violence Against Non- Whites. Continuing To See Trump And His Acolytes As Qualified Of Keeping America Safe, Great, And Prosperous Is Stupid, Anti- American And Dangerous. Try supporting the same patriotic Republicans like Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, Or Mitt Romney. Wackos and racists don’t belong in our government. Never- Trump Republicans are brave patriots for choosing a country over their self-interests. The Jan. 6th Committee may save America from this authoritarian takeover as they close in on the truth.

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