Repost From Sept. 12, 2021. The Extreme Right-Wing Branch Of The Republican Party Is Growing As Is The Widespread Realization They Will Kill Democracy Unless They Are Defeated. It’s Time For Republicans To Answer This Updated Questionnaire Created By This Blog. The GOP No Longer Offers Policy Ideas But Rather Has Become The Party Of Opposition, Conspiracy Theories, Disinformation, And Insurrection.

UPDATED: Concerning behaviors from the alt- right-wing branch of the Republican Party are expanding. The Republicans subpoenaed by the Jan. 6th committee are not showing up for hearings, pleading the fifth, walking out of depositions, and hiding what they know about the insurrection. Protecting Donald Trump from criminal indictment has become the GOP’s sole agenda, besides sabotaging President Biden. Power over the country lies over truth, violence over reconciliation defines the party.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions worldwide have died from COVID-19; millions are being saved from the science of vaccines. However, a Fox News anchor compared Dr. Tony Fauci to Dr. Joseph Mengele, known as Dr. Death, from his reign of terror on Jews during the Holocaust. It is called ” “gaslighting,” and MAGA Trump supporters look stupid believing that scientists and vaccines are killing people when anyone with any brains understands COVID is a unique, deadly virus causing the most lethal pandemic in 100 years. Millions of vaccinated people have not dropped dead from getting the vaccine, however, in red states with low vaccination rates, people are dropping dead or flooding hospital ICU’s.

ORIGINAL POST: Yesterday on 9/11, Donald Trump proved that he is a desperate huckster in need of money who will keep grifting his supporters even if it means he will spit in the face of the surviving families of the victims of the 9/11 attack. The Republican electorate loves to love on the rebellious, faux masculine, oddity known as Donald Trump. His loudness, significant girth, and crudeness appeals to men of that stereotype and women who lack self-esteem and need to be around hyper-masculinity to feel feminine. Gen X, Z, and millennials are dumbfounded that Trump is seen by anyone as a symbol of macho. Those generations see him as a joke and hope his presidency was an aberration that will never again.

Anti- Trump Republicans cannot comprehend that Trump still maintains the leadership role of their party. Democrats don’t understand the millions of people who excuse his lying, immorality, and corruption and support his attacks on his democracy.. Here are questions for diehard Trumpers to ask themselves that challenge their blind loyalty;

  • Have you benefitted financially from President Biden’s America Care Act?
  • In protest of President Biden, would you be willing to reject the financial benefits of his Build, Back Better policies?
  • Do you need assistance for childcare?
  • Do you support an increase in the minimum wage?
  • Do you understand the need for federal government involvement if you live in a poor state?
  • Would you be in favor of policies that support the segregation of communities of color and immigrants?
  • Do you support Republican policies that make voting more difficult for Americans, such as banning mail-in ballots, early voting, and the reduction of drop- off ballot sites?
  • If these restrictions would affect the white rural American vote, would you still support it?
  • If you catch COVID because you won’t get vaccinated or wear a mask, do you realize your insurance company might deny your coverage based on negligence?
  • If President Biden were to incite riots at your state capital resulting in deaths, do you think he should be impeached?
  • Would it concern you if President Biden was found to have submitted fraudulent tax returns to under pay federal taxes?
  • Would you be interested in seeing a competition between President Biden and Donald Trump on their knowledge of the Constitution and the Bible?
  • If no, why not?
  • Are you aware that Donald Trump is using donor money for his personal benefit?
  • If President Biden was caught lying as much as Trump lies, would you call for his impeachment?
  • Do you believe America began as a white Christian country?
  • Would it bother you if you found out Trump illegally earned millions of dollars off the presidency?
  • If your 14 yr- old daughter was raped, would you support the governments right to force her to birth that rapist’s child?
  • If abolishing Roe v Wade was contingent on requiring the establishment of an adoption registry for those who voted to ban abortion, would you still vote to abolish a women’s right to obtain an abortion?
  • If Roe v Wade was overturned and a tax was enacted that would make Americans pay for unwanted pregnancies and long term support of abandoned children, would you still vote to overturn it?
  • Can you explain the difference between US and state laws requiring seatbelts when driving and long- standing vaccinations requirements to attend public schools and requiring COVID vaccinations to protect public health and safety?
  • Are you aware that the existence of the Constitution means certain personal freedoms are limited?
  • Are you aware that in a Democrat controlled government, the right to bear arms could become the right to own one gun to protect yourself in your home? How would that feel to you?
  • Are you in favor of a one- party system as long as it’s Republican? Are you aware that means America would be an autocracy and you would lose individual rights?
  • Would you be able to pay your child’s medical bills if they were hospitalized with COVID and your insurance company rejected your claims for being unvaccinated?
  • Do you value truth, decency, and unity over winning the majority? If not, why?
  • Would you vote for a Qanon candidate for president over a moderate Democrat? If yes, why?
  • Do you think it was respectful and presidential for Trump to commemorate 9/11 by hocking a boxing match to possibly earn $20 million dollars?
  • How would you have felt if former President Obama went to a golf tournament on 9/11 instead of Ground zero?
  • Do you know why hypocrisy is dangerous for a democracy? If yes, explain?
  • Do you favor hypocrisy if it helps your party stay in power?
  • Are you aware the last 9 recessions occurred during Republican administrations? Look it up.
  • Are you aware Donald Trump’s tax cut for the rich increased the deficit and didn’t help the middle or lower income classes?
  • Would you vote for a Republican who would reduce Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security benefits?
  • Do you trust, support and admire Vladimir Putin the way Trump does? If yes, why?
  • When the Democrats regain the majority in the Supreme Court, would you respect their authority to restrict your gun rights?

Wake up, Republican voters! Be careful in your blind support of corrupt authoritarians and hypocrisy. You could be their next victims!

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