Are Men Ready To Have Women Legislators And Judges Establish Laws That Either Ban Vasectomies Or Force Men To Have Them If Their Partner So Demands?  The Alt-Right Mostly Male Members Of The Supreme Court Are Dog- Whistling Their Plan To Reduce The Liberties Of Women By Ruling In Favor Of Nullifying The 50 Year Law Of Roe V Wade Which Protects Women’s Right To Make Her Own Reproductive Choices. Let’s Get Equal On The Liberty Issue Between Men And Women. Let’s Take Away A Man’s Right To Decide About His Reproductive Choices. The Anti-Abortion Agenda Puts Religion Right Where It Was Never Supposed To Be: In Our Government And Politics.

A movement advocating for legislation to force men to get vasectomies is growing. An Alabama bill was introduced in 2020 to force men to get a vasectomy right before their 50th birthday. After this weeks oral arguments on the Mississippi law that would restrict women’s reproductive rights, women are suggesting a man’s reproductive rights should also be restricted and legislated. An argument that it should be the man’s choice will be weakened if the Supreme Court upholds the Mississippi law which breaks the precedents set in Roe v Wade and takes away a 50 year liberty from women. In an article in The Hill in 2019, actress Evan Rachel Ward suggested men should be forced to get “Mandatory vasectomies until you want to have children.” She continued. “A hard no? Why? Cause its your body and we dont get to make that choice for you? Ooooooohhhhhh!!!.”

Now partisan judges of questionable character are among those who will decide whether a woman has the right to assert control of their own body regarding reproduction decisions. Brett Kavanaugh is accused of sexual assault of women, and Clarence Thomas was accused of sexual harassment in the workplace by Anita Hill in 1994. The other conservative judges are trying to dodge their truthful identities of biased Christian politicos. That is how they are destined to be seen by most Americans if they rule in favor of the Mississippi law, which reduces a woman’s right to obtain an abortion after 15 weeks. This law would nullify the 25 weeks established time frame in Roe v Wade and pave the way for other states to follow abortion restrictions. Justice Sonya Sotomayor confronted the Mississippi Solicitor General about the politicization of abortion;

How is your interest anything but a religious view?”  Sotomayor asks the Mississippi Solicitor General.

The questioning by Justices Kavanaugh, Alito, Coney-Barrett, Thomas, Roberts, and Gorsuch during the oral arguments on the Mississippi restrictive abortion law signaled they don’t think taking nine weeks away from a women’s right to terminate a pregnancy is consequential. “Is viability issue that big of a deal”? Asked the white, middle-aged, tone-deaf, male Chief Justice Roberts. Kavanaugh stated, “the Court shouldn’t decide the issue; the people should so give the states the say on abortion rights.” The only Republican woman Justice, Amy Coney-Barrett, a super conservative Christian, was just as cruel and dismissive of women’s liberties. Her argument attacked one of the pro-choice positions that being forced to be a parent would restrict a women’s opportunities to pursue a career and achieve self-actualization. Coney Barrett dismissed that argument citing states had “safe-haven” laws allowing unwanted children to be abandoned at police or fire stations without consequences.

Coney-Barrett, along with the other conservative justices, lack compassion about the medical and psychological concerns women face related to reproduction. Their concerns are political, i.e. pleasing Donald Trump, and religious, pleasing their God. The argument from the pro-choice solicitor general arguing against the Mississippi law reminded the tone- deaf, unfairly-seated Coney-Barrett that pregnancy can compromise a women’s health or life and it should be her decision how to protect herself medically related to reproductive decisions. Uh Clearly, the Justices are only partially concerned about preserving life. A fetus matters, a woman’s life, not so much.

The solicitor general arguing against the Mississippi law reminded the unfairly-seated Coney-Barrett that pregnancy could compromise a women’s health or life, and it should be that woman’s decision how to protect herself medically related to reproductive choices. The Justices are limited to showing partial concern about preserving life. They care about the fetus’s potential energy while they dismiss health threats to a woman’s health, even if the outcome of pregnancy could result in death or a resulting disability. Religious hypocrisy is rampant throughout the ideology of the religious right, which sadly for women describes the current majority of justices on the Supreme Court.

Talks about forced vasectomies are growing. The reality of that act would usually be abhorrent to most Democratic women. However, due to the nation’s move towards ending women’s reproductive liberty, most women now support putting men through the same physical and emotional dangers and discomforts they suffer because of the right-wing war on abortion rights. Let’s line up Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Steve Bannon, Kevin McCarthy, and the other misogynists for an unprecedented assault on their reproductive rights.

Donald Trump, The Misogynist- In- Chief. Women For Trump Must Be Attracted To Toxic, Pseudo Masculinity-Types Who Reinforce Feelings Of Gender Inequality.

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