American Democracy vs Trumpism Is The Choice Americans Have To Make In The Mid-Terms. A Comparison Of The Two Ideologies Will Reveal One Form Of Government That Adheres To Laws Described In The U.S. Constitution VS A Government That Adheres To The Rule Of One Leader Whether The Ideology Or Laws Are Humane, Safe, Or Moral. The Republican Party Has Allowed Itself To Be Transformed Into An Autocratic, Style Of Government With It’s Leadership Governing In The Mirror Image Of It’s Delusional, Dishonest, Corrupt, Unstable, Bigoted Autocratic, Undeserving Leader.

We are watching democracy get dismantled on a daily basis by Trump, Republicans in Congress, and voters whose only source of ” facts,”  is from Trump, the epic liar,  Fox News, the alt-right, propaganda/disinformation reality show, and QAnon members in the GOP Congress. We are seeing congressional subpoenas ignored and bogus court cases filed by Trump to obstruct congress’s investigation into the Jan. 6th insurrection. After the 2020 election the former president asked the Georgia Secretary of State to illegally ” find” enough votes to steal the election from Joe Biden, and continues to spread the anti- democracy lie about the free and fair 2020  presidential election being stolen. You can be a die- hard Republican and still admit that no American should vote for a person or party who commits these corrupt acts.

Organizations like the Democratic Party, The Lincoln Project, Country First, Real Americans and other groups fighting to save democracy must put extensive time and money into combating the disinformation dump that is strategically occurring in the swing states and rural America by Republicans. The MAGA party seems perfectly comfortable promoting policies that kill thousands of people by spreading false claims about COVID being over- dramatized. MAGA states are enacting laws that block mandates and mask requirements, while their hospitals fill up and the unvaccinated arrogantly suck the financial resources from sick people who actually care about the public health of others. The GOP seems to care about one issue: Being in power, whatever the cost to the country and to the lives of it’s people.

A comparison between the ideology of American Democracy vs Trumpism should be sent in a one page, bold print newsletter to every citizen living in states and cities that still believe Trump as president and Trumpism as an ideology is what America needs to stay safe, be prosperous and preserve democracy.

This Is Not Fake, Left-Wing Rhetoric.  Just Watch His Rallies And Speeches. MAGA Americans Are Being Duped”

Webster’s Dictionary definition of democracy:

“government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.” Abraham Lincoln described democracy in the Gettysburg Address as, ” a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Democracies have a designated leader, a president elected by the people who is committed to following the rule of law and respecting political and legal norms that define the integrity and uniformity of the presidency. In a democracy, deviations from these laws and norms are indicators of corruption.

The Urban Dictionary definition of Trumpism is:

“A social/political movement based on elements of (a) racism, (b) religious bigotry, (c) demeaning attitudes towards women, (d) attempts to intimidate the press, (e) economic uncertainty, (f) rejection of scientific findings and (g) general expressions of hatred that are reminiscent of German National Socialism of the Hitler era. It is often characterized by completely baseless, false statements”. Trumpism, basically is whatever Trump is saying or doing on his quest for power, while he revels in the chaos and damage he creates.

Republicans in Congress who stay silent while members of their party break laws, spread lies, and create political division are equally responsible for the eroding of the strength of the Constitution. Campaigns to diminish their chances for re-election are underway. Legal experts are also exploring whether or not those who know the ” big lie” is a lie can be held legally responsible for staying silent and passively being complicit in damaging democracy.

Trump supporters should ask themselves:

Why is Trump blocking the release of the Archive records if he is not guilty of any wrongdoing related to the insurrection?

Why won’t he continuously denounce white supremacy groups and domestic terrorism?

Why doesn’t Trump show support and compassion to the law enforcement officers who were brutally attacked by the rioters on Jan. 6th at the Capitol?

To prove his belief that he is smarter than President Biden, do you think Trump should submit to publicly answering questions about the U.S. Constitution?

Why would you trust Trump’s judgment on how to protect the public’s health when he caught COVID and spread it to his wife and young son because he refused to wear a mask and held super-spreader rallies and parties in the height of the pandemic?

How do you feel about Trump using your donor money to pay his legal bills for the many lawsuits against him?

How do you explain why most Trump associates and friends are either under investigation, in jail, indicted for crimes, or accused of physically abusing women?

Why hasn’t his efforts to prove he won the 2020 election produced any evidence?

Doesn’t his vengeance towards Republican who disagree with him indicate he is not a loyal Republican but rather an independent autocrat?

Why is there such an organized movement from conservative members of his own party to stop him from returning to power?

Why do you think white supremacist groups and QAnon conspiracy theorists worship Trump?

Why are there so many diverse criminal and civil lawsuits pending against him?

Do you admire the anger, bigotry, and selfishness shown by Trump?

Are you supportive of Trump’s goal of a one-party system of government?

Do you understand the Trumpism ideology changes democracy from a “people” run government into a dictatorship?

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