Adam Kinzinger Should Split From The Republican Party And Run For President As An Independent. Recruiting Anti- Trump GOP Members Will Ensure Trump Will Never Get Enough Votes To Make It Back To The White House. Additionally, It Would Send Trump Into An Insecure Rage Spiral That Could Make Him Crack. Kinzinger Should Unite With Moderate Democrats And Restart The Bipartisan, Constitutional System That Trump And His MAGA Sychophants Are Trying To Replace With Authoritarianism.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger: He Is Smarter, More Patriotic, Better-Looking, And Kinder Than Trump. He Is The Kind Of Republican That Trump Hates, But The Kind The GOP Needs To Save Their Party From Political Ruin.

Partial Repost From October 11, 2021:

Kinzinger’s Country First proclaims:

  • It’s a movement of reasonable people, from both parties, can stop the pendulum from swinging from one existential crisis to another with each election.
  • BOTH political parties have failed us. For decades they have cared more about winning at all costs than legislating in a reasonable and durable way.
  • The fringe of both parties are disproportionately represented in Congress, which is why so little can get done.
  • We won’t be able to durably address important issues like opportunity, inequality, our climate, our freedoms, or anything else until reasonable people of goodwill rise up and say “Enough!”
  • Our system — including our leaders, parties, and media — have let us down. There’s plenty of room for righteous anger — but let’s aim it at those who took advantage of us and our fellow citizens, not those who fell victim to a con-job.

“that’s what Country First is all about.  And we need Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and anyone else to jump on board who believes Trumpism will destroy democracy.  Republicans don’t have to ditch their party, or identity, or any of their beliefs.  Think of “Country First” as an adjective you can put before anything.  It simply means you’re a reasonable person who realizes the only way our nation can win is for good people to come together, whether they agree on everything or not.  There’s plenty of time to argue over policy later, but first we’ve got to keep the Republic alive and make it healthy again.”

An Update on Kinzinger since October: He decided not to seek re-election for his congressional seat next year.

Hopefully, Adam’s decision not to run doesn’t mean he is done with politics and has given up on his commitment to protect our democracy against Trump and the MAGA Congressmen’s authoritarian movement. The values of his Country First movement are the antithesis of the values of Trump, Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham and others who now govern with one ideology guiding them: DON’T GET TRUMP ANGRY! Kinzinger makes the point that an elected official has two main responsibilities: To keep their oath of office to uphold the Constitution and to fight for the needs of their constituents.

Except for Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, the entire Republican party has abandoned their oath to uphold the Constitution and to govern with morals and civility. Trump lowered the bar for a president’s behavior to gutter level. He insists that Republican officials match his degraded level of public service and in so doing has normalized defiance of the Constitution by elected officials. Kinzinger, a conservative Republican who voted in support of most of Trump’s political agenda, says he doesn’t recognize what his party has become. Serving on the Jan. 6th committee allows him to demonstrate the patriotism and courage of his Republican values. A military veteran, Kinzinger is tough and remains un-intimidated by Trump’s threats and bullying. However, anti-Trump Republicans will lose elections if they don’t hire top- notch strategists to help them develop clever slogans and cut-throat strategies that can compete with the unethical antics of the MAGA- wing of Republican party. Kinzinger is also right about calling out the Republicans who remain silent in fear of being publically attacked by Trump. These “Trump- First” Republicans are as complicit in Trump’s crime as he is.

The Republican party needs a new messenger to compete with Trump and his dangerous ideology. Country First needs to grow, become more present on major cable news stations, and merge with other Republican groups that oppose Trump’s negative attacks on our democracy. Additionally, let’s hope Kinzinger enacts a new political chapter, one that will stop the threat that hangs over the collective psyche of America: Trump Winning The Presidency in 2024.

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