How Do The Wives And Girlfriends Of Republican Congressmen Retain Any Respect Or Physical Attraction To Their Trump-Emasculated Husbands Or Boyfriends? Trump, The Faux-Symbol Of Masculinity For Weak Or Racist Men, Has Made Cowering Sissies Of Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Kevin McCarthy, And Other Republicans Who Care More About Their Jobs Than A Duty To Protect Democracy. What Is The Psychology Of Women Who Are Attracted To Hateful, Cowardly, Opportunistic Emasculated Men And Their Degenerate Leader?

Through His Own Words And Behaviors, Trump Objectifies Women Based On How They Look. They Are Either Hot, Beautiful or Ugly And Become Either Targets Of His Admiration Or His Abuse. Women Who See Trump As Physically, Emotionally, Or Intellectually Attractive Are A Psychological Mystery.

In general, Trump’s overall popularity rating with women is low. He has never held back on publicly attacking women, especially those who threaten to expose his intellectual limitations or political ineptitude. During his run for president, he disparaged the physical appearance of political figures Carly Fiorini, Hillary Clinton and Maxine Waters. He also disproportionally targets women of color. Trump is a master of of projection and uses this defense mechanism to compensate for being obese, a poor dresser, loud and crude. He either doesn’t look in the mirror or knows he is a sexual repellent to women and emotionally copes with that fact by putting women down or additionally, surrounding himself with attractive women to send the false message that such women would desire him. His aging, desperate need is transparent to mental health professionals and thousands of them have been warning the public since Trump was elected that he is characterlogically impaired.

The general categories of women who support Trump are;

  • Conservative Tea party/Freedom Caucus women
  • Women who suffer from the same psychological problems as Trump
  • Predominately Republican, white, women with extreme Christian ideology
  • Women who see keeping America safe and “great again” means to halt the immigration of minorities into our country and support the marginalizing minority Americans

In April of 2016, the Washington Post published an article, titled “Some Women Actually Do Support Trump, Here’s Why.” The article pointed out Trump was able to convince Tea Party Republican women that national security depended on his tough stance on immigration. This was the racist dog-whistle he embedded into his “Make America Great Again” slogan. Many women surveyed for this article shared Trump’s nostalgia for the 50’s, where America was more white. They expressed sentiments such as ” we have to save our children from what is going to happen, and to take our country back. Trump is the only candidate who will keep these “dangerous” people from coming into our country.” Trump has kept his theme of anti-immigration as the central strategy to keep his hold on Republican women who otherwise see him for the dangerous, repugnant man that he is. Imbedded in these fears by this group of women are racist views of non- white immigrants.

This violence-instigating, Islamophobia, and generalized bigotry should not be tolerated in Congress. However, the neutered emasculated Kevin McCarthy stays silent in fear of this Trump-MAGA female and male embarrassments to our government. McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, Mark Mitchell, and the rest of the silent Republicans wouldn’t be attractive to women who value honesty, decency, ego strength, and morals.

House Representatives Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauran Boegert are examples of women who share similar character impairments with Trump. They display hostile, racist attitudes and behaviors on social media and in the sacred halls of the Capitol towards minority members of Congress. They create a physically and verbally aggressive environment for several of their non- white colleagues, eerily enjoying it as they do it. Yesterday Boegert recounted what is said to be a false story that a Capitol policeman was running with fear towards the elevator she was in with Rep. Ilhan Omar. Boegert then said to a group of colleagues, “Well, she doesn’t have a backpack. We should be fine.” She then turned to Rep. Omar and added, “Oh look, the Jihad Squad decided to show up for work today.” Additionally, the repugnant QAnon follower Marjorie Taylor Greene has repeatedly harrassed Rep. Alexandra Ocasio- Cortez in the workplace by verbally and physically stalking her.

Trump has pulled off the sociological gaslighting of psychologically vulnerable American men and women by convincing them that toxic masculinity is the same as healthy, real masculinity. Men who possess healthy masculinity don’t need to put people down to elevate their self-esteem. Healthy men don’t lie to cover up their mistakes or imperfections. Psychologically healthy men don’t constantly brag about themselves. A real masculine man can enjoy the success of others without being jealous or vengeful. Additionally, healthy masculine men don’t defend and befriend other men who are credibly accused of sexually or physically assaulting women. Real men don’t need to romanticize guns and promote violence and divisiveness. Men with toxic masculinity also align with other dysfunctional men like themselves in an attempt to normalize their abusive, misogynistic behaviors. Women who overlook these dangerous, faux masculine traits possess a form of toxic masculinity themselves, despite being female.

However, despite his long pattern of misogyny and decades of accusations of physical assault by women, Trump maintains the support of women who think only a loud, physically massive, arrogant, anti-minority male can protect their frail selves and their children. Evangelical women who oppose abortion rights also support Trump, naively, falsely believing he cares about unborn fetuses. Thankfully, most educated women from all walks of life see Trump for the dangerous, scamming autocrat he is. Therefore, they will fight to eliminate his impact on our democracy by keeping him out of office FOREVER.


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