In Less Than One Year, President Biden Is Humiliating The Disastrous Four- Year Record Of Donald Trump. Trump Was A Master Grifter Who By Circus-Barking Untruths Convinced His Supporters He Was Accomplishing Something. One Party Works For The. American People, The Other Works For The Dangerous Authoritarian, Donald Trump.

Biden’s COVID Recovery Plan Passed In A Bipartisan Way. It Provided Stimulus Checks And Extended Unemployment Benefits To Americans During The Financially Devastating Pandemic.
Biden’s Vaccine Rollout Programs Provided Free, Convenient, Efficient Access To COVID Vaccines And Saved Thousands Of Lives. No Denying Science Nonsense Like From Donald Trump.
The COVID Delta Surge Is Declining And Deaths And Hospitalizations Are Decreasing. Biden’s Mandates Are Saving Lives, Despite MAGA Republicans Attempts To Sabotage Them And The COVID Recovery Process. In Their Unpatriotic Commitment To Sabotage The Biden Presidency, Republicans Are Responsible For Many Americans Needlessly Dying.
Biden’s Economy Breaks Jobs Records Following Trump’s Jobs Numbers Which Were In The Tank!
Trump Relied On The Performance Of The Stock Market As A Distraction From His Disastrous Spending And Debting. Biden’s Market Doing Better Than Trump ‘s.
Biden Ends The 20 Year Afghanistan War, Trump Just Talked About Doing It.
Biden Infrastructure Bill Passes, Trump Just Talked About Doing It. Watch For Republicans Who Voted Against It Try To Take Credit For Its Benefits, But Democrats Will Remind Their Constituents They Voted Against Lower Taxes, Reduced Drug Costs, New Roads And Bridges, Millions of New Jobs, Childcare Subsidies, And Lower Healthcare Costs.
Thirteen Republican Senators Voted With President Biden To Pass The His Physical Infrastructure Bill, Including Democrat- Hating Sen. Mitch McConnell. The violence, inciting Trump Is Targeting Them As Traitors. Their Crime? Breaking With Trump And Voting For What The American People Need.

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