“Someone Is Going To Get Killed” Warned Congressman Jim Hines Today. He Said If The Republicans In Congress And In Leadership Roles Don’t Stop Ignoring, Excusing And Promoting Violent Rhetoric Against Democrats And Republicans Who Vote Their Conscience And Not With Trump, Violence Will Result In People Dying. Rep. Paul Gosar Tweets Cartoon Images Of Him Killing AOC And Attacking Joe Biden With A Sword, And The Emasculated One’s, Sen. Mitch McConnell And Rep. Kevin McCarthy Say Nothing. Yet, The 13 Republican House Members Who Voted For The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Are Now Being Targeted By their Own Party.

Our First President Had The Right Idea About How To Govern. The Former President Is Uncivil , Cruel,  and incompetent.History Will View him As The Worst Of All Presidents. Biden Should Send Washington’s Book To Every Member Of Congress.

America and it’s Constitution was founded on the belief that when members of both parties in our democracy blend their ideologies and work together, the country will thrive. Since the founding fathers wrote the Constitution and founded our democracy, the two-party system has struggled to consistently meet the ideal of blending ideologies and placing what is best for the country over the pursuit of power. Beginning with the venom-spewing Tea Party, and devolving into the violent-leaning Freedom Caucus and Trumpism, American politics now looks and sounds like a autocratic banana republic or a mob family.

The pattern of calling for violence and aggressive rhetoric has only one inevitable outcome; people will die in the process. In 2019, The Guardian reported on 52 acts of violence by supporters of Trump from 2015-2019 who

  • Explicitly declared support for Donald Trump, or used his slogans, during or in connection with acts or threats of violence.
  • Cited Trump or his rhetoric in subsequently explaining acts or threats of violence.
  • Committed or threatened violence against opponents of Trump at political events, or while wearing Trump-branded attire signifying their support for the president.
  • Publicly declared an allegiance to Trump before committing or threatening violence against members of political or racial groups that Trump has denounced

Trump served as an instigator of violence towards immigrants, countries and communities of color, peaceful demonstrators for racial justice, political opponents, and women who he decides are ” nasty”. The year’s that Twitter and Facebook allowed him to post violence inspiring rhetoric have resulted in countless incidences of people being physically threatened by his irrational supporters. His anti- COVID rhetoric has resulted in Dr. Anthony Fauci receiving death threats. His misogynistic attacks on Nancy Pelosi has created aggressiveness towards her that caused the Jan. 6 the rioters to search to find her in the Capitol to do her harm His lie to the rioters that Mike Pence could stop Joe Biden’s electoral certification caused the them to cry out, “hang Mike Pence” during the insurrection. His ” stop the steal” campaign resulted in the deaths of five people as a result of the insurrection. His anti- mask rhetoric contributed to the spread of COVID and violence towards people wearing masks and those officials supporting vaccine mandates. Trump is an angry person in support of violence when it feeds his ego or political aspirations.

Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are complicit in how Republican Americans perpetuate, support and sadly seem to seek and enjoy violence. They are emasculated wimps, who if faced with the kind of threats that AOC, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Dr. Fauci have endured would hide in the bunker or behind their wives skirts. Their self-esteem must be pathologically low if they see their legacies totally reliant on the blowhard ex- president who on the world stage is seen as a clown that Russia helped elect through propaganda and election interference. Trump won’t have a positive ending, no auto rats or cult leaders do. However, if Attorney General Merrick Garland doesn’t get aggressive about prosecuting corrupt current and past members of government, he needs to step down or be fired. America has had enough violence, enough death, enough cruelty inspired by the Republican electorate and congressional GOP. If the aggressive, gun- wielding Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and accused sex trafficker Matt Gaetz are the leaders of the Republican party, America will remain violent, instead of civil, prosperous, and admired.

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