Vanity Fair Reports: “MATT GAETZ IS SCREWED SIX WAYS FROM SUNDAY REPORT: MATT GAETZ IS SCREWED SIX WAYS FROM SUNDAY.” The Path To Justice Moves Slow In America, However, This Article Reveals For Rep. Gaetz, The Pursuit Of The Facts In His Sex Trafficking And Sex With A Minor Scandal Is Moving Forward. The Corrupt, Scandal-Ridden Trump Presidency Has Emboldened Criminally- Inclined Republicans To View Themselves As Above The Law. For Gaetz, It Appears Evidence Against Him Is Accumulating.

Gaetz and the Other Sex Scandal King.

In the past months, there has been a concerning lull in updates on the Matt Gaetz sex trafficking scandal. However, this Vanity Fair article summarizes the latest developments in the investigation of the congressman and it’s not good looking positive for him. The Vanity Fair reporter, Bess Levin, states “the Department of Justice has added a pair of top prosecutors to its investigation, “a sign of the complex and high-stakes nature of the inquiry.” One of the prosecutors is a public corruption investigator who specializes in child exploitation crimes. The other, Todd Gee, is a deputy chief of the Public Integrity Section, which is part of the DOJ’s Criminal Division, a department that is “involved in nearly all major criminal investigations into alleged misconduct by federal, state, and local officials.”

This development signals in an escalation in the investigation indicating the possibility that more evidence is surfacing that Gaetz may have committed these heinous sex crimes involving minors. Another troubling sign for Gaetz is that sentencing has been delayed for his friend Joel Greenberg who pleaded guilty to six of the 33 sex crimes he is accused of committing. It is speculated that the delay indicates Greenberg is continuing to provide volumes of information that is taking more time to analyze. Greenberg is in full cooperation with the DOJ and the case against Gaetz is worsening.

Donald Trump made a statement recently that millions of Americans hope also applies to the criminal and ethical takedown of his MAGA congressional cronies. This week after Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s announcement that he will not run for re-election next year, Trump said, “2 down and 8 to go.” The former one-term, criminally-investigated president, was referring to the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach him in his 2nd impeachment trial. That statement by Trump is beyond troubling. It’s a mob-like, threatening dog-whistle to take people down. Even scarier is that the Republican party and millions of Americans support a cruel, violence-leaning approach to their party’s pursuit of regaining power.

Rep. Gaetz exhibits many of the same abhorrent and violence- inspiring traits of Donald Trump. On Twitter he declared members of Antifa terrorists to justify suggesting “can we hunt them down like we do those in the Middle East.” Does his statement mean that MAGA members like him who are seen as “domestic terrorists” by millions of Americans should be hunted down?”Additionally, during a 2019 hearing on gun control, he aggressively yelled at Manual Oliver, the parent of Juaquin Olivar, one of the students killed in the Marjory-Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting. He was yelling at Olivar for suggesting gun control would help save lives and argued building a border wall would save lives of kids like his getting shot at school. What a cold, creepy, Trump ass- kisser of a man undeserving to serve in Congress.

Gaetz continues to prove he is a dangerous example of a Trump-inspired new generation of government officials whose vision of America is cruel, racist, violent, and motivated to rewrite the Constitution into a one-party system run by an ideology that believes “all men are not created equal.” A great America will return when it is as close to being all white, all Christian, heavily armed with guns, and led by a dictator who controls the outcomes of elections.

The two prosecutors added to the investigation signal that Gaetz, and those like him, will lose in the courts if the crimes they are accused of turn out to be true. Despite the narcissism running rampant in the MAGA wing of the Republican party, the Judiciary branch of our democracy is proving to be stronger than ever, even by many Trump appointees.

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