President Joe Biden Had An Historic Week Of Accomplishments, Despite His Low Poll Numbers And Intense Opposition From Republicans And Some Members Of His Own Party. The Job Numbers Reflected 531,000 New Jobs Were Added, The Unemployment Rate Dropped to 4.6, The Stock Market Hit Record Highs, And Last Night The House Passed Part 1 Of His Transformational Infrastructure Bill. Additionally, the COVID Delta Surge Is Waning Due To His Brave Assertion Of Vaccine Mandates, Despite The Opposition From Many Corporations And The MAGA Cult.


To distract from President Biden’s successes in the past few days of this week, Trump has resorted to accusing Alec Baldwin of murdering his cinematographer. How anyone who professes to be a patriot or Christian supports this embarrassment to American history is a sociological mystery. His pathological cruelty and low- self-esteem is fully exposed whenever another person who he is jealous of succeeds. On Tuesday night, when Terry Macauliffe lost to Glen Youngkin, Trump, and the GOP were giddy in their delusion that the loss signaled the end of Biden and the Democrat’s odds to win mid-terms or to succeed at any legislative accomplishments. You would hope all elected officials would root for the American people no matter what party is in power, but the autocrat and his emasculated acolytes won’t support a bipartisanship government.

Biden’s performance on the economy and infrastructure is showing Trump to be the incompetent that he is.  In a July 2020 article, ” The War Room” summarized Trump’s lies and failures related to infrastructure;

  • Trump has failed to deliver on his infrastructure promises — after at least a dozen “infrastructure weeks”— and undermined the country’s transition to a clean energy economy.
  • Trump’s 2018 infrastructure plan relied on public-private partnerships, an approach that would have prioritized corporate profits over public benefits.
  • Trump’s plan did not include funding to expand rural broadband
  • Trump threatened to veto the Democrats 1.5 billion infrastructure plan that included funding to combat climate change
  • Trump dramatically reduced the share of grants that went to mass transit ventures.
  • After 12 claims of ” infrastructure week” Trump’s White House essentially gave up on a large-scale infrastructure plan, and told infrastructure leaders they shouldn’t expect federal financial assistance.

President Biden will continue to fight to keep his promise to strengthen the middle class through passing legislation like his physical and social infrastructure plans. The obstructionist Republican party and the spread of misinformation by Fox News and Facebook will be to blame for any delays or failures with in Biden achieving his goals to save our democracy and strengthen the lives of the average American family. The gaslighting of America by Trump and his party is weakening the solidarity of values that Americans of both parties once shared. The Republicans now call an insurrection to stop the transfer to a democratically elected president ” patriotism.” They declare ” Make America Great Again” means to keep one particular person in office permanently. They call overturning what they call “rigged elections” (with no fraud occurring) “saving America.” Trump, former Attorney General William Barr, Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and all of their attorneys conducted a criminal, corrupt attempt to takeover America’s democracy. They failed, but they are still trying to do it. By perpetuating the ” big lie” about a stolen election they are keeping millions of Americans ready to kill in the name of “taking their country back.”

Biden has saved thousands of American lives with his successful vaccine rollout plan getting shots for free to any American willing to get it. Before the Delta surge, COVID numbers were down, masks came off, vaccination rates were increasing, schools were slowly re-opening, and life as we knew it was returning. However, Republican opposition to COVID recovery created resistance by the Trump base to mask and get vaccinated, and the variant spread like wildfire by August 2021. Destroying Biden so Trump can run and win in 2024 is now all the Republican party stands for.

Biden can take a victory lap: Job gains, 531,000 in October, the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and the Nasdaq all rose this week, the economy is recovering faster than expected, 192 million Americans are now fully vaccinated, and over 200 million are partially vaccinated. Unlike Trump, who lied about the deadly threat of the virus and contributed to the pandemic death count, Biden is willing to be criticized for the mandates because they save lives. Cruelty vs. Compassion.

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