This Week We Found Out What Information Trump Is Trying To Keep From The Jan. 6th Committee. He Is Suing To Block Them From Obtaining White House Records Needed For Their Investigation Into His Behavior On And Leading Up To The Insurrection. He Is Once Again Proving His Ignorance About How Government Works By Claiming Executive Privilege Which He Can No Longer Claim As A Former President. Clearly America’s Love Of Reality Television Got Trump Elected, Because It Clearly Had Nothing To Do With Intelligence Or Competence.

He has blocked aides from honoring subpoena’s, hid his taxes, sued in court to withhold documents from Congressional oversight as allowed by the Constitution, and used a private cell phone to conduct foreign policy. People who hide and obstruct are guilty of something worth hiding.

The phenomena of Trump’s egomaniacal scamming and criminal behavior is that he flaunts it publicly for all to see and hear. His addictive use of the courts is his favorite delay tactic to slip through the clutches of the legal system that is on his rotund tail, and closing in slowly, quietly. Some of the investigations and accusations against Trump past and present are;

  • Inciting the insurrection and his possible involvement in planning the Jan. 6th attack on the Capitol to stop the certification of Biden as the new US president
  • Breaking three Georgia election laws by asking Secretary of State Brad Rathensbergerafter to find him enough votes to change the election results
  • Accusations of tax and insurance fraud claims being prosecuted by the Southern district of New York
  • Alleged misuse of funds from the 2017 US inaugural fund for his campaign
  • Lawsuit by Rep. Eric Swalwell for inciting the Capitol riot that put him in harms way
  • Former tenants in a Trump property are suing him for illegally raising their rent by using phony invoice maintenance
  • Defamation lawsuits involving claims by 3 women with whom he alledgedly had affairs

The two most dangerous cases against Trump are his involvement in the Jan. 6th insurrection and the election interference he attempted by pressuring Rathensburger to change the legal votes of citizens in Georgia to make Trump the winner. IS THE BIDEN ATTORNEY GENERAL GOING TO ENFORCE THE LAW WHEN IT COMES TO THIS FORMER LAWBREAKING PRESIDENT OR IS HE GOING TO WIMP OUT LIKE ROBERT MUELLER. IS AG GARLAND MORE FOCUSED ON HIS IMAGE AND REBUILDING THE IMAGE OG THE DOJ OR WILL HE DO HIS JOB AND CHARGE TRUMP WITH THE CRIMES WE ALL HEARD AND SAW HIM DO?

The Jan. 6, the committee is asking the archives for all White House records about the days leading up to and on the day of the Capitol attack. The Washington Post reported today federal judge Tanya Chutkan ruled Trump has no standing to claim executive privilege to block the release of White House records relevant to the insurrection. The judge said the right to claim executive rests with the current President, Joe Biden. The courts are going ever so slow, but the cases in New York, Georgia, and Washington DC are closing in on Trump and the crimes he is accused of, which surpass a level of criminality never seen committed by a US President.

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