Having President Joe Biden Represent America At The G-20 In Europe Restores A Pride In America That Trump Had Globally Destroyed. Biden Is Carrying A Message Of Global Unity, Restored Morality, And Civility. Trump Was An Embarrassment, Flaunting His Faux Masculinity, Faux Patriotism, Faux Competence, And Faux Interest In Anything But His Own Power. Biden’s Time Is Being Consumed With Cleaning Up The Damage To Democracy And America’s Global Image.

President Biden And Pope Francis

President Buden is well-known as a man of faith. He attends church regularly, lives in moral alignment with the Bible, and can quote scripture. He shows genuine compassion to all people no matter what loss they are suffering or circumstance they are facing. His “Build Back Better” bill reflects his commitment to helping Americans from all walks of life. The account is popular with 70% percent of the American people. Those who support the social programs in the Biden bill are Trump voters who need and like Biden’s effort to help the middle and lower socioeconomic classes participate and prosper in the workplace and the national economy.

In contrast, when Trump was president, he showed up on the world stage flaunting his faux masculinity by batting world leaders out of his way and rudely barrelling himself in front of other leaders to hog every microphone. He stuck out his chest, in his faux patriot style, shout America First mantras and alienating our allies in the process. His agenda at G-20 and other global meetings was to get attention and bully countries into doing what he wanted without knowledge or consideration of their countries situations. At his last G-20 which was held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump did not attend the meeting on pandemic preparedness and did not send anyone else to give America a presence for the meeting. He golfed instead. He did make sure he attended the opening ceremony led by Saudi Arabia. His alignment with strongmen, autocratic- style leaders was always apparent at world summits. Despite trying to be a member of their club, he always appeared like a needy outsider. With Biden, on the world stage, countries are reminded that America is a compassionate, competent team player who they can once again trust.

I President Biden is an experienced politician and understands the issues being discussed at the G-20 such as managing pandemics, global economics, the effect of climate change, human rights, and the complexities of national security issues with adversaries thro,ughout the world. The leaders of the world’s largest economies will also confront supply chain problems, rising energy prices and global inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic. It was reported today that Biden has the support of all the G-20 leaders for an international 15% corporate tax to compensate for the tax loopholes that American corporations use to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. He is also working with the other countries to get Iran back at the table to negotiate on nuclear issues. Trump’s faux military judgment which led to the US withdrawl from the Iran nuclear agreement has increased the danger of Iran as a nuclear power.

The United States government did not send Biden to the Summit with the strong support of his plan. Instead, the division between Republicans and Democrats and factions within Biden’s party held up the signing of his bipartisan infrastructure bill and his transformative “Build Back Better” human infrastructure package. However, his excellent communication skills and extensive knowledge about legislation overcame the obstacle his own country has saddled him with. He has convincingly conveyed to the world leaders that his plan to rebuild America physically and morally is close to passing. He also made it clear that despite the divisiveness within American politics, the United States democracy is solid and intact.

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