What Is Trump Hiding About His Role In The Jan. 6th Insurrection? Why Is He Blocking Congressional Attempts To Obtain Phone Records And White House Records From Jan. 5th And Jan.6th? Why Is He Insisting His Inner Circle Ignore Congressional Subpoenas? Why Did He Instruct Mike Pence to Refuse To Certify Biden’s Electoral College Win? Why Did He Organize The “Stop The Steal” Movement Without Evidence That The Election Was Stolen? Answer: To Try To Escape Being Seen As A LOSER.

Psychologist Mary Trump, niece to the former one-term president, claims the thing her Uncle Donald fears the most is being seen as a loser. In preparation for potentially losing the election, his fragile ego created the ” big lie” that the election was rigged and the only way he could lose would be if it was stolen from him. Part of the ” don’t see me as a loser script” was to start filing false claims of election fraud in the courts when he lost. Over 65 judges from both parties threw out Trump’s baseless claims of fraud. Additionally, the result of every election recount in red or swing states have proven there was no fraud. Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick was so committed to the ” big lie,” he offered to pay up to $1 million to people who discovered voter fraud. This week he had to pay a Pennsylvania poll worker $25,000 for exposing a Republican voter who tried to vote twice for Donald Trump.

He incited the coup at the Capitol on Jan. 6th and it failed. He lost re-election in one of the biggest, most fraud-free elections in US history. His many efforts to sue people end in him losing. He uses the courts as a way of delaying culpability in unethical or illegal behaviors, but so far the judiciary branch of government has prevailed against him. His most humiliating loss by far to protect his pathologically fragile ego was his re-election loss. After the election, on Nov. 11th Rolling Stone reported:

No Matter What Lawsuits He May File, President Trump Is an Epic Loser

Everyone who knows election law is on the same page at this point — Trump has not only lost the election at the ballot box, but also in the court room

President Donald Trump looks down at his notes as he speaks at the White House, Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

They reported, “Donald Trump is having a terrible November. First, he loses the presidential election as an incumbent in a historical fashion. Then, in his much-hyped litigation explosion to show the world that he won on November 3rd, he has lost in court repeatedly. There are just no two ways about it: Donald Trump will leave office as an epic loser.” Nine months later, he has supported and lost in recounts in Arizona, Idaho, Wisconsin, and other swing states. His delusional thinking convinced him the federal courts would support his claims of widespread election fraud. However, despite election laws continuously siding with the democratic process, Trump powers on with lawsuits and claims of still being the legitimate president.

Another strategy Trump uses to defend against the label of being a loser is to file lawsuits to resist transparency. Legal experts agree that his pending cases to enforce excessive non-disclosure agreements will continue to fail. Additionally, his desperate legal attempts to avoid releasing his taxes and resist the disclosure of White House records about the January 6th insurrection are also predicted to fall. He has also publicly insisted his political loyalists defy congressional subpoenas to testify in front of the Jan. 6th Committee charged with investigating the insurrection he incited. His embarrassing attempts to use the claim of executive privilege to hide facts that will probably incriminate him in criminal or unethical acts are thankfully being denied by President Biden, the current, legitimate president.

Proof that he isn’t intellectually bright, Trump keeps filing bogus lawsuits and making phony claims, and despite being the loser in most cases, he can’t stop his desperate attempts to avoid being branded the loser that these failures prove. Unfortunately, his strategies to normalize corruption, disinformation, and the acceptance of psychologically abnormal thinking and behaviors by a US president have found an audience of Americans who are gullible and being used by Trump to achieve his goal of transforming democracy into a one-party autocracy. When the only personal freedom his voters eventually retain is the right to free carry a gun, the spell of Trumpism these MAGA enthusiasts are under might finally be broken.

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