Trump Is Using His Tired Old Pattern Of Filing Lawsuits To Distract From   His Criminal Culpability. This Time He Is Suing The Jan. 6th Committee And The National Archives To Obstruct The Release Of White House Telephone, Email, and Other Records Leading Up To And During The Jan. 6th Insurrection At The U.S. Capitol. That Doesn’t Sound Like The Move Of An Innocent Man. Here Are Questions For Those Who Continue To Trust And Support Trump In Light Of His Continued Assault On Truth And Democracy.

Trust is built over time through a series of kept promises. It is also made by being honest, non-hypocritical, moral, and consistent words and behaviors. Why millions of people still trust Trump is a sociological mystery. The ex-president borrowed from Vladimir Putin’s autocratic playbook on how to use lying, denying, spreading propaganda, and the use of terms like ” fake news” to discredit factual, unflattering information about him. Trump is a reality show performer( cartoonish and vaudevillian), a scammer, grifter, pathological liar, adulterer, and a lawbreaker.  These descriptions have been proven with facts and reflect the perceptions of world leaders, traditional, non- wacky Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and a growing number of the military and law enforcement. For those who think Trump is a true-blue, honest, non-corrupt patriot, ask and answer these questions;

  • Do you want America to become a one-party system of government?
  • Do you support The violent attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6th?
  • Are you aware that in the nine months since the 2020 election Trump and his legal efforts have failed to produce any evidence of widespread voter fraud?
  • Are you aware that of the approximately sixty-five cases brought to the courts by Trump to challenge state election results, all have been thrown out of court by judges from both parties?
  • Do you respect the opinion of the Trump-stacked Supreme Court that Trump’s claim of voter fraud In Pennsylvania was unsubstantiated?  If no, why not?
  • Do you believe when people refuse to comply with a congressional subpoena, they are hiding something that incriminates them in a crime?
  • Do you think Trump’s telephone records on Jan. 6th will prove he was trying to stop the insurrection and knew nothing about the planned violence?
  • Why do you think so many members of both parties, the military, prior presidents, and judges from both parties see Trump as dangerous, unstable, and incompetent?
  • Are you aware Fox News admits to being an entertainment, opinion journalism program and not based on fact?
  • Would expanding Medicare, childcare funding, climate change jobs, free community college, and increased access to healthcare improve the quality of your life and financial stability?
  • Do you think President Biden should be removed from office or indicted if he lied to the public about the health threat of a new virus?
  • If President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan is passed, would you be willing not to accept the benefits of the programs because you believe he stole the election?
  • If you were a single woman and someone tried to match you up with a man accused of sexual assault by 27 women, who cheated on a prior wife at the time she was pregnant, was charged with inciting a riot to overturn a US election, was found guilty of charity, bank, and tax fraud would you go on a date with that man?
  • If President Biden ordered the attorney general to prosecute his Republican opponents, would you be ok with that?
  • How do you feel about Trump admitting on tape that he knew COVID-19 was deadly and lied to the public as the virus spread?
  • Do you think it was a criminal act for President Trump to ask the Georgia Secretary of State to  “find” enough votes to overturn the election results to “steal” the election from the winner, Joe Biden?
  • Do you think hypocrisy and lying are ok as long as a Republican does it?
  • Do you understand that every state recount of the 2020 election found no fraud and, in some cases, found more votes for Biden and less for Trump?

Trump has told people close to him that his supporters aren’t the type to be welcomed at Mar-a- Lago and that no matter what he does or says, they will believe him with no evidence needed to be presented.  He sees his supporters as suckers whose value to him is their blind adoration and their vote. Don’t be a sucker to this shyster and find another Republican candidate from your party worthy to the office of the presidency.

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