General Colin Powell, Former Secretary Of State, Military Leader, And Decorated War Hero Passed Away Today From Complications Caused From COVID-19. He Was Also Suffering From Multiple Myeloma And Parkinsons Disease. He Was Vaccinated And Yet Caught COVID Somewhere From An Unprotected Source. Fox News Used His Death To Attack The Efficacy Of The Vaccines, Overlooking The Fact That It’s The UnVaccinated Population That Risks The Lives Of Immuno-Compromised People Like General Powell.

An American Patriot, A Man Of Integrity, A Republican Who Chose Country Over Party And Voted For Hillary Clinton Instead Of The Dangerous, Anti- American Donald Trump.

America needs a new fact-based conservative network to replace the conspiracy theory, entertainment journalism Fox News. Soon after the announcement that General Powell had passed away from COVID complications, Fox performers were attacking the efficacy of the COVID vaccines. These Trump acolytes falsely claimed that Powell’s death from COVID means the vaccines aren’t effective as an appeal to its base of science illiterate non-vaxxers. Medical experts on all major networks explained that despite being vaccinated, people with severely compromised immune systems are not as protected from severe COVID disease from the shots as younger, healthier people are. General Powell, who was 84, had blood cancer and Parkinson’s disease and the introduction of the COVID virus into his system created an unsurvivable medical situation. How many more people will non- vaxxers infect and kill because of a lack of compassion for the safety of others.

The New York Times today described Powell as a “pathbreaker, serving as the country’s first Black national security adviser, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and secretary of state.” The article reported “with his 35 years in the Army, Mr. Powell was emblematic of the ability of minorities to use the military as a ladder of opportunity.” Powell was a long-time Republican during most of his life, however, during his years of military service, he remained non-partisan in executing his duties. He was a fiercely independent thinker and, in interviews, often admitted that he would vote for the most qualified, well-suited person for elected office over any party affiliation. He worked under four presidents, was a four star general, and is noted for the Powell Doctrine on military operations which says: “Identify clear political objectives, gain public support and use decisive and overwhelming force to defeat enemy forces.”

Powell was a national hero, a natural leader, and a self-made man of integrity. His loss is a blow to the American spirit in light of the toxic, faux masculinity, fake-patriotic GOP male followers of the unstable former president. Compared to Powell, many of today’s elected male Republican politicians are weak, self-serving, and focus on party and power over their oath to the Constitution. In contrast, Powell’s morals, accomplishments, and patriotism expose the corruption and amoral GOP leadership and MAGA members of Congress of today. Most of them chose not to serve in the military to fight for democracy. Instead, Reps. Like Matt Gaetz and Josh Hawley are entitled frat boys with an addiction to power and without loyalty to their oath of office. Instead of fighting to defend the American democracy, they choose to sympathize with the Jan. 6th riotous insurrectionists and support Trump’s “big lie” attack on democracy.

The tributes to General Colin Powell are inspiring. They also remind us about how far the country has strayed from true patriotism and American norms and values. He was brave in battle, tenacious in pursuing positive foreign policy outcomes, loyal to his family, the Constitition, and independent from party control. In the 2016 presidential race, Powell voted for Hillary Clinton. He saw Trump as a”national disgrace and international pariah”, and said ” the whole birther movement was racist.” To honor the legacy of Colin Powell as a true American patriot and hero, the ideology of Trump and the toxic Republican party must be defeated at the polls and convicted in the courts.

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