Trump’s Recounts Keep Proving He Lost. He Is Counting On State Recounts, Even Those Where He Won, To Brainwash His Base To Believe Any Race A Republican Loses Is Rigged. REPOST FROM JUNE 7, 2021: How Ironic Is It That Trump Presents Himself As The Protector Of Free And Fair Elections While His History Of Election Interference Precedes Him. He Was Impeached For Trying To Rig The 2020 Election, By Asking Another World Leader To Find Dirt On Joe Biden. He Then Asked The Georgia Secretary To Find Votes To Beat Biden Illegally Beat Biden, And He Is Encouraging Bogus Audits In The Battleground States To Change The Election Results. His Cult-Followers May Not Understand Irony Or Care About His Blatant Hipocracy, But The Majority Of The Country And The World See Him For The Desperate, Corrupt Liar He Is.

On a phone call to President Zelensky of Ukraine in 2019, evidence was discovered revealing Trump tried to interfere in the 2020 election by asking Zelensky to announce an investigation into corruption by Joe Biden. It became clear in the months leading up to the presidential election that Trump was concerned about Biden being a threat to his re-election. Like an authentic mob boss, he thought he gave an offer to Zelensky “he couldn’t refuse.” He offered to keep America’s promise to provide military aid to his country if he would announce this investigation to ” dig up dirt,” on Biden. It is sort of ” quid pro quo” is prohibited by the Constitution. This violation of the rule of law caused the Democratic minority in the House to impeach Trump.

In an October 2019 article in Lawfare, Berwick, Forest, and Langford explained “the founding fathers saw a quid pro quo as bribery which was understood to be an officeholders abuse of the power of an office to obtain a private benefit rather than the public interest.” Trump’s goal was to have Zelensky damage Joe Biden to protect his chances to win re-election. Then after the 2020 election results were announced and Trump lost, he called the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperber and asked him to find 11,780 votes “which is one more than we have.” Trump said. Raffensperger defended the Georgia vote count declaring it was fair and accurate. Since that time, the vengence seeking mob boss has targeted Raffensperger with negative rhetoric to damage his political status.

Now the former guy is on a manic campaign promoting the audits in swing states in hopes of overturning the election. It is pathetic to watch him talk with confidence about how the cheating will be discovered and he will be reinstated. The state legislatures approving these audits who wanted Trump to win are potentially changing or damaging the ballots or the ballot machines. The cheaters are calling the honest people the cheaters. Republicans now the party of projection and gaslighting. Because Trump is a cult personality, millions of people believe whatever he says to be true. That is how democracies die.

As Trump, Connell, McCarthy, Gaetz, and other power-crazy conspiracy theorists continue to assault the truth, democracy, and decency, Democrats, sane Republicans, and Independents need to become more vocal and aggressive in their fight to expose the danger these opportunistic, fringe individuals pose to our democracy. Themes that must be addressed and attacked to damage the chances for these unpatriotic, political performers to remain in or regain office are;

  • Republicans make claims, but never produce evidence
  • Republicans believe in odd conspiracy theories
  • Republicans voted against The Care Act which provided relief for damages from COVID-19
  • Republicans minimized the insurrection and abandoned support of the injured Capitol police
  • Republicans are anti-bipartisanship unless they give up nothing and get everything they want
  • Republicans legislate against transgender Americans restricting them from serving in the military
  • Republicans spread disinformation
  • Republicans don’t believe in the rule of law when Trump or any Republican breaks the law
  • Republicans back voter suppression laws.
  • Republicans know they can’t win elections unless they cheat
  • Republicans only care about tax cuts, appointing judges, and gun rights
  • Republicans have no interest in social programs for the white and minority poor, the disabled
  • Republicans care more about money and possessions than protecting the environment, animals, and relieving racial injustices

The GOP should not get away with using the strategy of creating these unnecessary audits to keep the ” big lie” scheme going for the optics to pander to the base. President Biden or someone in his administration should insist they produce results and share with the country. Because of the lying, the auditors should be members of both parties and be monitored by impartial supervisors. Chances of that happening are ZERO, as they all know the ” big lie,” is a BIG LIE. The audits will show Biden won, so we will never see results.

Follow Republican Reps Adam Kinzinger and Former Homeland Security Official Miles Taylor’s efforts to defeat the Trump takeover of the Republican party. Republicans are waking up to the threat the spiraling corruption in their party that is trying to democracy.

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