The “Country First” Movement Led By Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger From Illinois Is Strengthening. It’s Efforts To Stop The Damage To Democracy That The Trump Wing Of The Republican Party Is Causing Gives Hope That America Can Stop The Autocratic Movement Led By The Mentally Disordered Trump And The Corrupt Elected Officials He Controls. “Country First” Needs To Develop A Daily Presence On National Media, Hold Rallies On Days That Trump Holds Rallies, And Create A Dramatic Slogan That Motivates Americans To Reject Trumpism And Supports Democracy And Decency.

Here is the latest email from Adam and his “Country First” movement. It’s inspiring to know that sane, patriotic Republicans are organizing in their commitment to rid our politics of the cult-like influence of Trump and his corrupt, racist, anti- democratic ideology.

Adam’s message says:

  • Only a movement of reasonable people, from both parties, can stop the pendulum from swinging from one existential crisis to another with each election.
  • BOTH political parties have failed us. For decades they have cared more about winning at all costs than legislating in a reasonable and durable way.
  • The fringe of both parties are disproportionately represented in Congress, which is why so little can get done.
  • We won’t be able to durably address important issues like opportunity, inequality, our climate, our freedoms, or anything else until reasonable people of goodwill rise up and say “Enough!”
  • Our system — including our leaders, parties, and media — have let us down. There’s plenty of room for righteous anger — but let’s aim it at those who took advantage of us and our fellow citizens, not those who fell victim to a con-job.

That’s what Country First is all about.  And we need Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and anyone else to jump on board.  You don’t have to ditch your party, your identity, or any of your beliefs.  Think of “Country First” as an adjective you can put before anything.  It simply means you’re a reasonable person who realizes the only way our nation can win is for good people to come together, whether we agree on everything or not.  There’s plenty of time to argue over policy later, but first we’ve got to keep the Republic alive and make it healthy again.

The cult of personality is driving Trump’s continued popularity and relevance. The millions of Americans who consume reality TV shows and have extremist views on topics such as religion, white-identity fear, and financial entitlement are captured by Trump’s bombastic, cartoonish, faux masculine performance. He had a disastrous presidency and yet was able to perform his way to cult- leader status with his only legislative achievement being a tax cut for the rich. He broke all the promises he made to his voters such as;

  • Building a “great, beautiful wall” on the Southern Border
  • Replacing Obamacare with a better, less expensive “Trumpcare” plan
  • Creating better paying jobs for the lower and middle class by giving tax cuts for the rich
  • Getting Kim Jong in to de- nuclearize
  • Reducing the national debt ( he ballooned by trillions)

His base is so captured by being made a part of the hysteria and of the MAGA slogans, rallies, and merchandise they refuse to believe the facts that prove Trump is a fake, lying, corrupt, incompetent, autocratic enemy of everything good about America. Indictments for his crimes become more probable. as investigations move forward. Even if his base believes his corruption is ” fake news” ( a slogan he took from the Russian government of Putin), the reality is his running for president in 2024 is nothing more than a scam to raise money that his failing businesses desperately need.

“Country First” needs to brand itself as the Trumpism alternative, choose a candidate to run against Trump ( that will drive him crazier than he is), and pressure the courts and the Department of Justice to hold Trump accountable to the rule of law.

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