President Biden’s Support of Corporate Mandates Is Reducing The Spread Of COVID Infection, Hospitalizations, And Deaths. His Infrastructure Bills Are On A Path To Pass And Reignite An Economy That Trump trashed. Biden’s “Build Back Better” Agenda Invests In The Middle Class, Seniors Healthcare, And The Well-being Of Children. Trump Supporters, Ask Yourself, “When Does Trump Or Any Republican Politician Talk About Solving Poverty, Helping Seniors, The Disabled, Or Protecting Healthcare, Or The Environment, Or Social Programs Like Medicare And Medicaid?” ANSWER: NEVER!

Biden is working to rebuild the middle class, not expand the upper class.

President Biden doesn’t spend his time watching his poll numbers, obsessing about the stock market, posting on Twitter, or watching cable news all day like the former guy. He is working, not concerned about attention, ratings, or seeking vendettas on people who don’t lie for him or kiss his ass. Trump is a cult leader, a wannabe mob- boss and the stupiest most insecure man ever to be president of the United States. Before expounding further on the virtues of Joe Biden as a compassionate man, a competent politician, a man of faith, and a patriot, here is an abbreviated list that shows the flawed person Trump has shown himself to be;

  • A married man who cheats
  • A man obsessed with women. He loves to objectify them based on looks, disparage those smarter than him, sexually assault them when he can, and call them names when they oppose him
  • A businessman who doesn’t pay his bills, lies to manipulate and control others for his advantage, breaks the law, doesn’t pay his taxes, is crude and crass even in the presence of children, and is disloyal
  • Impeached twice, once for trying to bribe a foreign government for his political gain and another for inciting the Jan. 6th insurrection.
  • Started the conspiracy theory, The Big Lie”, in an attempt to incite violence and overturn a free and fair U.S. election
  • Nine times instructed the DOJ to overturn state election results in his favor
  • Asked the Georgia Secretary of State to ” find him enough votes” to win over Joe Biden

If Barack Obama or Joe Biden committed such acts, Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Kevin McCarthy would be calling for their resignations or indictments. However, for fear of Trump’s sociopathic revenge threats, they are now traitors to the democratic process.

No other president in history has faced the same catastrophic obstacles that President Biden is encountering. Many factors are impeding the progress that Biden’s agenda promises such as:

  • The former president is acting like a persistent roach that won’t go away as he is 1) ideologically poisoning one of the two presidential parties in our democracy, 2) gaslighting gullible Americans to idolize him despite his dangerous flaws, 3) holding campaign rallies at the beginning of a new administration, 4) spreading lies about election fraud to delegitimize the election he LOST and 6) continuing to pressure states for recalls to overturn the a democratic election
  • His COVID Pandemic recovery plan is being opposed by an anti- mandate and antiVax movement led by Republican governors and other Trump loyalists
  • Republicans in Congress have abandoned their oath to the Constitution in support of Trump’s movement towards an autocratic U.S. government
  • Two democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are obstructing the his agenda
  • Senator Mitch McConnell’s corrupt opposition to bipartisanship and rampant hyporisy

However, unlike Trump, who is a whiny, dishonest, insecure, corrupt, fake anti-patriot, Biden is keeping his promise to help working-class Americans from both parties. He is trying to re-establish bipartisanship to the government ( but Mc Connell is not on board). The “Build Back Better” agenda has a 70% approval rating nationally. That means Trump supporters want and need the help that the bill offers. However, they will suck up the efforts and benefits of a real president, and then in true cult fashion, put on that stupid red hat and jump around at a MAGA rally like 3 year- olds watching Sponge Bob.

Biden’s mandates are working. The Infrastructure bills will pass, voting reform will be supported by the majority, and if Biden gets pressured enough he will fire Attorney General Merrick Garland if he doesn’t indict Trump for crimes against democracy. Twitter is lit up against Garland’s passive approach to holding Trump accountable for his crimes. Let’s keep the pressure on the DOJ.

PS. President Biden. Forget bipartisanship. FIRE Christopher Wray as FBI Director. Republicans don’t turn on their own. He is an obstacle to the indictments that America is waiting to be issued.

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