Today, Former VP Mike Pence Minimized The January 6th Insurrection, Ignoring The Fact That The Rioters Were Looking To “Hang” Him. His Statement Was Clearly A Desperate Attempt To Be Forgiven By Trump. He Is A Hypocritical Christian, With Phony Proclamations Of Morality Based Only On The Empty Reciting Of Bible Verse. The Book “Peril” Revealed He Considered Joining With Trump To Overturn The Electoral Vote And Is Now Blaming The Media For Exaggerating The Capitol Attack To Disparage Trump Voters. He Might Be More Souless Than Trump.

Psychologically Dumb, Unempathic, Opportunistic, And A Wimp

The legacy of Mike Pence is getting worse by the day. Trump has turned MAGA supporters against him branding him a traitor for certifying the electoral college vote for Joe Biden.. A Vanity Fair headline at the time was “TRUMP THOUGHT HE COULD CONVINCE PENCE TO OVERTHROW THE ELECTION BY CALLING HIM A PUSSY.” As reprehensible as Trump is, I have to admit that statement was enjoyable to hear. At least Trump owns his horribleness, as  part of the persona he has sold to his cult base. Pence, on the other hand, quoted the Bible, claimed family values, and wrapped himself in the flag while he simultaneously lied, looked the other way at Trump’s anti- Constitutional governance, and downplayed the insurrection.

PolitiFacts and Slate reported on Pence’s legacy of lies in 2021 articles. The following list is a shortened version of examples of Pence’s politically motivated lying:

  • The HR1 Bill would immediately register illegal immigrants to vote. False
  • Said CNN reported that 400,000 votes disappeared in the California recall election. False
  • Said Obama left the Strategic National Stockpile empty, when in truth it had thousand of ventilators.
  • Said Trump suspended all travel from China in January, but the truth is 40,000 people from China entered the US in February, possibly bringing the coronavirus to the US
  • Claimed Judge Amy Coney-Barrett’s White House welcome event was outdoors and followed COVID protocol when it was indoors and pandemic rules were flouted
  • Claimed there was “significant voter irregularities” in the 2020 election, when none was found.

In Christianity, lying is considered a sin. Proverbs 12:22 says, ” the Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.” There are many references in the Bible about lying being detestable, and yet the born-again Pence lied throughout his tenure in service to protect and support the Liar-In-Chief. Pence’s obsequious flattery of Trump has been crinnge-worthy to watch. However, the kissing up did not build any loyalty equity with the famously disloyal Trump. Pence has no chance to be chosen to run on the ticket with Trump if he runs in 2024. After all, Trump sees Pence as unfaithful to him, a traitor to the country and a “pussy”. It takes one to know one. Trump can’t stop whining, raging, and lying since losing his bid for re-election.

The comment about the election is a perfect example of the politically conniving manipulation of words so often spoken by Mike Pence. He has decided not to acknowledge that the Capitol attack attempted to steal the election that Trump lost. The lie is immoral, dangerous, and humiliating. The videos from the deadly Capitol riot show Trump-influenced Americans committing violent attacks on the DC and Capitol police. Many people attending the riot wore anti-Semitic t-shirts and yelled their intentions to hang Pence and find Nancy Pelosi.

If Pence is supposed to represent a good Christian, the religion has lost its way.

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