President Biden Is Hitting The Road To Explain To The American People What Is In His “Build Back Better” Bill. Two Democratic Senators Are Dissenting From Supporting His Agenda, Sending Confusing Messages To The Public About The Content And Cost Of The Bill. The Human Infrastructure Bill Has A 62% Approval Rating Nationwide. The Republican Base Consists Mainly Of Voters From The Middle And Lower Income Classes. They Desperately Need Biden’s Commitment To Prioritize The Needs Of The Working Class, Not Billionnaires. Trump Lied To His Vulnerable Supporters, Did Nothing To Help Better Their Lives. Instead He Is Currently Grifting Off Of Their Donations To Pay His Legal Bills And Line His Pockets.

President Biden is a different type of man than Donald Trump in so many ways it makes it hard to believe Trump ever won the presidency. Trump’s performance as president lowered the bar on morality, competency, and psychological wellness. Some of the most crucial differences between Biden and Trump are:

  • Biden is empathic and compassionate
  • Biden deals in facts, not lies and conspiracy theories
  • Biden is transparent, Trump is secretive, sneaky
  • Biden follows the Constitution, Trump violates it
  • Biden is committed to uniting, not dividing
  • Biden is authentically religious, Trump feigns religion to gain support from evangelical voters
  • Biden governs for all races, religions, and genders. Trump favors white-identity Christians and white supremacist
  • Biden’s policies address the working class, Trump governed for the rich
  • Biden embraces allies, Trump embraced dictators
  • He is emotionally stable, Trump is erratic and impulsive

The “human infrastructure” component of the infrastructure bill that passed in the Senate is an illustration of Biden’s character and understanding of how to rebuild the economy and protect the planet. Biden will speak in Michigan Tuesday to clarify to voters how his “Build Back Better Bill” will positively impact their lives. While 100% of congressional Republicans refuse to support any spending on social programs, 97% of congressional Democrats support the bill which aims to:

1) lift children out of poverty, 2) provide community college opportunities for the financially disadvantaged, 3) fight the effects of climate change, 4) improve healthcare for seniors, and 5) guarantees universal pre-school.

Once the “Build Back Better” bills pass, Republicans will hypocritically claim credit for the benefits to their constituents as they did when the CARES ACT passed with NO GOP support. Republicans are not fiscally responsible. History shows they have consistently led the U.S. economy into recessions more often than the Democrats. The truth is, Republicans have generated the false narrative that they are careful, responsible spenders, when the truth is they over-spend on the military and provide tax cuts to the rich that never pay for themselves but rather are paid for by the average tax payer.

President Biden is now burdened with the enormous debt and deficit that resulted from Trump’s abuse of the U.S. Treasury as if it was his personal bank account. It can’t be forgotten that Trump went bankrupt four times and consistently refused to pay contractors and lawyers for their services. This week Biden will travel to several states to talk honestly, compassionately, and convincingly about his vision for the American working class. Trump will continue his desperate campaign to lie about having won the election and to demonize and divide anyone he sees as unwilling to lie, cheat, and break the law on his behalf.

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