Two Democrats In The Senate Are Working Against Progress For America, Equal To The Efforts Shown By The Obstructionist Republican Party Led By Power- Hungry Hypocrite Senator Mitch McConnell. Sadly, With Control Of All Three Branches Of Government, The Democrats Are Failing To Use The Power They Hold By Not Uniting In Support Of President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda. Senators Joe Manchin And Kristin Sinema Are DINO’S, Democrats In Name Only. They Are Handing Power To The Most Corrupt GOP In U.S. History And Helping Them Suppress The Vote And Reject Social Programs For Middle And Lower-Income Americans.

Supporters of Continuing The Trump Republicans Assault On Public Health, Racial Equality, American Values, The Constitution, And Economic Equality.

Opportunism, hypocrisy, and malignant partisanship should be grounds for recalling elected officials. In the era of the post-Trump presidency, it is the moral responsibility of President Joe Biden and the Democratic majorities in the House and Senate to heal, rebuild and re-inspire a wounded America. Even though 74,000 million Americans have become addicted to his cultish personality, Trump America is now sicker, poorer, and more globally unpopular because of him. The corruption, immorality, and traitorous assaults he inflicted on the Constitution, our values, and national unity have risen to a catastrophic level. Yet, Senators Manchin and Sinema oppose the Democratic Biden agenda using fiscal fears as their excuse to align with a form of conservatism they believe will get them re-elected.

In a Newsweek article this week, Mc Connell sarcastically commented on Manchin and Sinema saying “I pray for them every night, I wish them well, we give them lots of love.” The audience laughed, enjoying watching the Biden agenda potentially defeated by members of his own party. McConnell also said, the bill “is wildly inappropriate for our country.” Once again, the hypocrite Mc Connell pretends to worry about government spending only when it comes to social programs that millions of Americans need to improve their lives and reach their goals. When it comes to padding the military budget or giving tax cuts to the rich, Mitch is ready to blow American dollars like a drunken sailor. FYI: Trump blew up the debt by $7.8 trillion, $2 trillion of that number resulted from the tax cut for the rich that the Republican Congress never figured out how to have it to pay for itself (like they promised).

Sinema is adamant that she will not vote for the House Infrastructure bill because of the $ 3.5 price tag. She also opposes For The People Voting Rights Bill. She is emerging as a suspicious opponent of the values that exist at the core of the Democratic Party. In a Sept. 2nd op-ed in the Washington Journal, Senator Manchin wrote, ” some in Congress have a strange belief there is an infinite supply of money to deal with any current or future crisis, and that spending trillions upon trillions will have no negative consequence for the future. I disagree.” Manchin seems to discount President Biden’s plan which includes how the bill will be fully paid for by tax increases for people making over $400,000 per year. It appears Manchin is fine with middle and lower-income Americans doing without programs that would increase their financial status and move them towards homeownership, adequate healthcare, and educational opportunity. Does he support McConnell’s hypocritical big-spending habits that are accompanied by his resistance to paying back the debts his party incurs? Manchin is trying to wear the face of a fiscally conservative Democrat at the expense of the needs of the average American.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi sounds confident that both infrastructure bills will pass, despite the Democrats being at war with themselves on the cost of the bills and the inclusion of social infrastructure. Pelosi is a master at bringing her caucus together, so the offs are in favor of the bills passing with both progressive and conservative Democrats losing something they fought hard to deliver to the American people. Still, there is a small chance Manchin and Sinema have become seekers of McConnell’s approval over supporting the current president’s agenda.

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