Trump Displayed His Commitment To Shameless Lying And Gaslighting At His Georgia Rally this Weekend. The Arizona Election Recall Concluded There Was No Fraud And That Joe Biden Actually Won By More Votes Than Previously Reported, Yet Trump Proclaimed The Audit Results Proved That He Won “Big Time.” The “Big Lie” About Election Fraud Is The Real “Big Lie”. Is Trump Really Stupid Enough To Keep Ordering Recalls In Swing States Where No Fraud Will Be Found And Then Calls The Results Fraudulent.” Anyone Who Supports Or Stays Silent About the “Big Lie” Is A Traitor To Democracy. Another ” Big Lie” Is That Republicans Want Democracy To Survive.

Partisan Auditors The Cyber Ninjas Find Joe Biden Won The Most Votes In the Maricopa County, AZ 2020 Presidential Election. Trump LOST!

The failed partisan recount in Arizona is the most recent humilating, desperate act initiated by Trump to deflect from the reality that he lost his bid for re-election. Malignant narcissists like Trump suffer great emotional pain and ego damage when they lose or fail in a public way. They will lie and gaslight their way into alternate realities by imagining success narratives that did not occur. This is an effort to offset their shame. Anxiety also increases when a narcissist is wounded by a failure. Decision-making and judgment can be impaired while navigating shame-induced anxiety which explains some of Trump’s cruel, aggressive, retalitory treatment of people.

The Republican party is targeting swing states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan to hold recounts of the 2020 election. They offer no evidence of voter fraud to support their insistence on recounts. They are basing their actions on the “big lie” which claims Trump won “big” over Biden despite proof by the states that their election results were fair and accurate. Over 60 courts have thrown out claims of fraud by Trump lawyers. Judges explain their decisions were based on no evidence being presented to the court that indicated fraud had occurred. The Supreme Court also made a ruling that invalidated a Trump claim about election fraud in Pennylvania.

Trump’s winning strategy of telling a lie and declaring it as a fact has been successful at keeping a section of his base euphoric and entranced by the hyperbolic anger and arrogance that Trump exudes. He is masterful at attracting people who, because of a deficient level of self-esteem and “celebrity worship syndrome” belief his bulls–t and feel personally elevated by his phony compliments to them and false promises.

The Cyber Ninja company that conducted in Arizona audit was not an expert in the area of voter integrity, and yet they discovered an additional votes in favor of Biden’s victory. Despite these embarrassing findings, Trump and his acolytes are marching to Pennsylvania, urging the legislature to obtain all personal information on it’s state’s voters. State democrats are legally challenging this action. Additionally, Trump called Texas Governor Greg Abbott demanding that he order a recount in four Texas counties. Abbott, Trump’s loyal puppet, approved those recounts, even though Trump won in Texas by 5%. Why is Trump questioning the election results in a state that he won? The millions of dollars he costs the states to spend on conspiracy theory dead ends is criminal. If Republicans don’t conquer their fears and loyalty to Trump, there will be little left of their party to compete in the 2022 mid-terms.

The most disturbing aspect of the “big lie” is the silent complicity of the Republicans in Congress. Even Senators who project reason, patriotism, and moral values like Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are cowering in their offices, following their corrupt, power-hungry leader Mitch McConnell. The majority of members of Congress dislike Trump and know the election fraud lies are lies that weaken democracy. Therefore, their silence negates the positive traits they express in words but abandon in action.

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