No President of the United States of America Should Ever Demand For His/Her Opponents To Be Jailed. No President Should Be Allowed To Spread Misinformation That Contributes To The Death Of It’s Citizen’s And Promotes Violence. No U.S. President Should Be Allowed To Violate The Constitution And Remain In Power. All U.S. President’s Should Be Forced To Denounce Domestic Terrorist Groups.  Trump Has Caused The Rich, The Uneducated, And The Mentally Vulnerable To Forget How A President In A Democracy Should Think, Behave, And Feel. Is The Two-Party System Promoting Loyalty To Party Affiliation That Will Kill Our Democracy?

Repost from October 2020:

It cannot be stated enough that Donald Trump’s autocratic presidency exposed the need to reform and limit the power of the presidency. The Millennial, Gen X and Gen Z population have been traumatized by the corrupt, violent, racist experience of Trump being president. Since this post was originally written, collaborations have begun between congressional Democrats to create legislation to limit the power presidency.

Trump instigating a ” lock him up” chant against Joe Biden at a recent rally was an ironic embarrassment to himself ( he is named as ‘ co- conspirator #1 in a federal campaign finance crime). Biden is not the man accused of crimes against the federal government, state governments, and individuals who have accused him of some form of abuse. Whether Trump lovers believe it or not, Trump is directly causing death and violence in America by;

– Downplaying the danger of the COVID virus, holding super-spreader events, promoting bogus remedies, appointing unqualified doctor’s to the pandemic task force, ridiculing masks, and encouraging all states to fully re-open as infections and hospitalizations increase

– Refusing to denounce domestic terrorist groups and conspiracy theory groups made up of racist and mentally challenged individuals. Using rhetoric that signals his support of these groups, he is legitimizing and emboldening violent agendas.

– Alienating us from our allies leaving America dangerously isolated.

– Aligning with dictators for ego gratification and potentially revealing U.S. intelligence to enemies who want to harm America.

– Calling for American citizens to be jailed or aggressed upon simply because he disagrees with them, feels envious of them, or because of pathological vindictiveness.

Listening to Trump supporters questioned is as disturbing as watching the office of the presidency being defiled these past four years. Responses like, “we just love him, he is watching out for us,  I believe whatever he says” are reminders or interviews conducted with the followers of Charles Manson and cult leader Jim Jones who had 900 of his followers drink the poisonous kool-aid because he told them too. Manson’s followers believed he was god-like, that his directves to do bad were for the greater good. Any leader who will do harm if not blindly followed is a sociopath. Trump’s version of the Manson and Jones- murderous agendas is to tell people not to do what is needed to protect themselves, their loved ones, and others from catching a potentially deadly virus. His directive is more opaque than Jones or Manson, yet is driven by the same narcissistic, obsessive drive for power and adoration at any cost. 

Trump’s has convinced many, especially thousands of Hispanic male supporters, that he is the embodiment of machismo. His performance skills as a reality TV star have served him well in creating this false perception of himself. Real strength comes from confidence and self-esteem from within, not from screaming fans. The insecurities and jealousies that ooze from Trump’s pores is the opposite of a man who possesses positive masculinity. Additionally, the thousands of women who love and support him should ask themselves if they would go out with a man from a dating app whose profile read;

“I cheated on all my wives because I am masculine guy and that’s what we do. I have been accused of sexual assault by dozens of women and rape by two, but all those women are liars. I have been bankrupt many times, but I just start over again and forego my debts. I lie a lot. I have many  legal cases pending against me, both civil and criminal, but they are all bogus.  I pretend to be religious but truthfully I think it’ s a lot of crap.”

Just the suggestion of those traits would cause any woman with self-respect to delete the profile and never meet the guy. Why those traits don’t cause every woman to reject Trump as president is a sociologically baffling. Millions of American citizens and many members of the military, the intelligence community, and former members of the Administration are advocating for Trump to be voted out of office. In recent appearances he has expressed strange conspiracy theories normally ascribed to members of fringe groups or people with diagnosed mental disorders.

This week Republican Senator Ben Sasse and General John Kelly came out with warnings about Trump’s infitness to be president. Kelly called him ” the most flawed person he has ever met.” Senator Sasse called him ” a TV- obsessed narcissistic individual, who kisses dictators butts, sells out our allies, mistreats women, and spends like a drunken sailor.” Sasse predicts a blue wave is coming that will cause Republicans to lose control of the Senate. Republicans in government and top level military professionals who have worked with Trump know he is intellectually and morally unfit to be president. They are telling us our national security and Constitution are at risk and Trump will let our democracy crash and burn if it feeds personnal and political agenda. Those coming forward with these warnings waited until 215,000 Americans died from COVID and the economy crashed to act like patriots instead of enablers to America’s first autocratic president.

Maybe the right to vote should require citizen’s to read the Constitution. If all Americans were able to recognize when a law was being broken, maybe they would once again share the same expectations about the principled standards all presidents should possess.


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