In The New Book “Peril”, Bob Woodward And Robert Costa Report On How An Unhinged Donald Trump Caused  General Milley To Assure Speaker Nancy Pelosi That He Would Protect The United States From Any Irrational, Dangerous, Or Immoral Military Action That Trump Might Order. If The Book Stopped There, It Would Be Chilling Enough. However, We Also Learn Vice- President Pence Was Trying To Find A Way To Carry Out Trump’s Plan To Overturn The Election. Woodward And Acosta Reveal The Six-Step Plan Devised By Trump’s Attorney To Show Pence How To Do It.

Trator President and Hero General

If Attorney General Merrick Garland isn’t preparing indictments for Trump, his attorneys, and everyone in his administration who participated in the attempted coup on Jan. 6th, he should be FIRED! How is it allowable that a sitting president can pressure state officials to illegally change the election results not to be charged with the crime of election fraud? Additionally, how is it possible that when that failed,  Trump got away with inciting his followers to go to the Capitol to find VP Mike Pence and stop him from certifying the election? When the coup failed, he continued his assault on democracy by spreading ” the big lie,” pushing for bogus, corrupt election recalls and demonizing democracy to create division and incite hatred. These are behaviors demonstrated by sociopathic dictators, not U.S. presidents. The New Book “Peril” reveals unquestionable evidence that the American democracy is crumbling, led by Donald Trump and supported by the corrupt, degraded Republican party.

In response to a panicked call from Speaker Nancy Pelosi after the insurrection, “Peril” authors report General Milley assured her by saying, “I can tell you that we have a lot of checks in the system”. And I can guarantee you, you can take it to the bank, that there’ll be, that the nuclear triggers are secure and we’re not going to do—we’re not going to allow anything crazy, illegal, immoral or unethical to happen.” Pelosi had reached out to Milley, pleading, “What precautions are available,” Pelosi asked, “to prevent an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or from accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike? ” General Milley is touted as a hero by political and military professionals for keeping a close eye on the unstable president Trump and preparing to oppose him if necessary to protect the country. However, congressional Republicans are either demonizing the general or staying silent in their opportunistic, cultist loyalty to the former disgraced Russian-backed president.

“Peril” also put to rest any speculation that VP Mike Pence was an innocent bystander or opposer of Trump’s anti-democracy ideology and policies. Although initially touted as a hero for defying Trump’s request to refuse to certify the electoral college vote, MSNBC columnist Hayes Brown reported, Pence “didn’t come to his heroism naturally.” He had to be guided to it by an unlikely source: former Vice President Dan Quayle who reportedly told Pence he had no option but to do his job. ” Quayle insisted, “I know what the law is. You listen to the parliamentarian. That’s all you do. You have no power.” Mike Pence chose to not to violate the Constitution, not because he is moral or patriotic but because he chose to avoid the risk of going to jail like so many other Trump associates have. Former VP Quayle’s advice ultimately directed Pence to follow the law.

CNN cited “a memo initially obtained by the book ” Peril” authors, Bob Woodward and Robert Costa which reported that attorney John Eastman first proposed the plan to Pence on Jan. 4 in the Oval Office with Trump. The memo called for throwing out the election results in seven states under the false claim that those states had used alternate electors.” The Trump reality show episodes titled “stop the steal” and ” the big lie” were nothing more than distractions from the illegal actions Trump and his allies were taking to overturn, “steal” the election they were accusing Democrats and “RINO” Republicans of stealing. New revelations are emerging weekly that suggest Trump, Bannon, and yet to be exposed Trump attorneys and political loyalists plotted to defy democracy and in classic authoritarian style, strategized to commit election fraud and overturn the legitimate election of Joe Biden.

The constant cry of ” treason” by Trump towards anyone who opposes him is an obvious strategy he uses to distract from the treasonous acts he has been committing since he became president and in his post-presidency. The Department of Justice needs to be pressured by all Americans to indict Trump, and his enablers for inciting the insurrection and the in plain view attempts they made to commit election fraud to steal the election they overwhelmingly LOST.

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