Poor Trump! He Is Getting Used Again Like A Puppet. First By Russia, Then By Steve Bannon, And This Week By A Pro- Trump Website, The Georgia Star. It is  Known By Those Who Understand Trump That He Can Be Manipulated, Easily Baited To Believe Any Story That Promises Him Power, Money, or Success At Stealing The 2020 Election. Because He Doesn’t Read, Understand The Law, Or Believe In Any Ideology, He Will Morph Into Any Role And Shamelessly Make Any Move To Gain Power.


On September 17, The Washington Post reported the conservative Georgia Star website sent a report to Trump claiming 43,000 Absentee Ballot Votes Counted in DeKalb County  violated the Chain of Custody rules, making them invalid.” Trump ran with the claim and told Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger he can “start the process of decertifying the Election, or whatever the correct legal remedy is.” It has been 9 months since Joe Biden was certified as the 46th president of the United States, and Trump is still pathetically begging state election officials to conduct recounts and invalidate Biden’s win so he can be reinstated as president.

Trump is known to impulsively change his mind about issues and people with only subtle prompting. For example, over the years Trump changed his political party, his stance on abortion, his once friendship with Hillary Clinton, and his opinions on many other important topics. Steve Bannon, a once Breitbart News contributor  and alt-right extremist helped shape Trump’s political  persona for the 2015 presidential election and the campaign. In 2017, Bannon, a Harvard Business School Alumni, was labeled by Time Magazine as the “Great Manipulator”.

In contrast to Trump who understood little about the details of important political issues, Bannon is a voracious reader on a vast array of topics, including global and national politics. He puppeted Trump masterfully on how to take down Hillary Clinton, to use illegal immigration to sow fear and anger in the Republican base, and to gaslight a nation with lies and propaganda. Bannon’s goal has always been to ” burn down all democratic institutions” including both the Democratic and Republican parties. He coached Trump to present himself as a strong leader who would ” drain the swamp” in Washington DC. With  anarchy on his mind, Bannon taught Trump that as president he could violate the Constitution, use the military as a prop, and break all democratic norms.

The forecasting of a “rigged election” is a strategy used in countries led by dictators and autocrats. Trump has been advised by corrupt attorneys, conspiracy theorists, and Vladimir Putin on to how to lie to voters, cheat to stay in power, and get rich from being president. Trump’s countless violations of the Constitution are well-documented. The Biden Aministration’s Department of Justice is now burdened with the responsibility of restoring the standard of “no one is above the law” by holding Trump accountable for misuse of the U.S Treasury, exploiting the military, inciting an insurrection, spreading lies and conspiracy theories about COVID resulting in the deaths of thousands Americans, and attempting to commit election fraud to overturn a fair democratic election.

Attorney General Merrick Garland needs to set aside concerns of criticism from Republicans, and where Trump committed a crime,  must issue an indictment. The Trump “big lie” is sounding like a pathetic rerun that was never believable. Trump declaring voter fraud in swing states and demanding to be reinstated as president is a pathetic display of mental decline that would elicit sympathy if he wasn’t so dangerous and cruel.

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