Of His Many Failures, The One That Will Haunt Trump The Most Is That He Failed To Best Former President Barack Obama In Any Way Professionally Or Personally. Driven By A Racist Worldview Instilled By His Ku Klux Klan Influenced Father, Trump Has Divided America With Racist Rhetoric And Policies. As A Result, A Resurgence Of White Supremist And Anti- Semitic Hate Groups Have Been Emboldened To Commit Violence In Support Of White Indentity America. Obama’s Presidency Posed No Threat To The Survival Of The American Democracy, While Trump’s Promotion Of Over-Turning A Fair Election Led To An Insurgency Against the U.S. Government.

First posted Jan. 2021: Some posts requir re-posting as a reminder of how Trump’s psychological disordered behaviors keep costing Americans their lives and posing a threat to the survival of our democracy.

Due to his mentally disordered personality,( Narcissistic and Sociopathic), Trump cares knows how Obama bests him as a man and a person, and that tealization drives his hatred. Comparisons to Obama that highlight how he loses in the area of PERSONAL INTEGRITY are;

  • Obama: no accusations/ lawsuits by women for sexual assault or infidelity vs Trump’s dozens of lawsuits for sexual assault, infidelity, and inappropriate, unwanted sexual advances
  • Obama: one long- term marriage, free of infidelity, Trump’s three marriages, degraded by infidelity
  • Obama: No personal financial scandals or lawsuits accusing him of fraud vs. TRUMP faces potential indictments for tax fraud, bank fraud, and fraudulent violations related to the Trump Organization
  • Obama: Responsible use of social media to communicate with the American public vs. Trump’s use of social media to intimidate members of Congress, attack people who oppose him, and spread divisive, violence-inciting rhetoric leading him to be banned for life from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Obama: Respectful, Non- Profane, honest Public communication style vs Trump’s profanity ridden, name-calling, vengeance spewing, disinformation- filled communication style
  • No scandals involving Playboy Bunnies or porn stars



  • Won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009
  • Re-elected for a 2nd term
  • Won the popular vote in each election win
  • Low turnover of Cabinet and White House staff
  • Executed a successful intervention on the H191, only 12,000 deaths
  • Enacted the Affordable Care Act providing health insurance for over 20,000 million Americans
  • No members of his administration were mired in indictments for illegal behaviors
  • No special prosecutor appointed to investigate his possible collusion with a foreign country to interfere in a U.S. election
  • Ordered no anti- constitutional bans based on race
  • No impeachments
  • No involvement in a campaign finance crime
  • Led America out of a recession, rebuilt a strong economy
  • Received an approval rating of over 60% upon leaving office
  • Never acted in violation of the Constitution
  • Positive, constructive relationships with allied countries
  • Confronted Putin directly about attempts to interfere in a U.S. election
  • Did not spread disinformation for political gain
  • Met with President-elect Trump two months before he took office and announced his commitment to support a responsible, smoothe transition of power


  • Did not win the Nobel Prize
  • Is a one-term president
  • Never won the popular vote
  • His highest approval rating never reached 50%. Leaving office with a 34% approval rating
  • Continuos turnover, scandal, and indictment of his appointees
  • Took actions in violation of the Constitution
  • Impeached twice
  • Banned from social media due to violations of their policies
  • Investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and found to have committed 10 counts of obstruction of justice
  • Lied under oath in a written statement to the Special counsel
  • Encouraged Russia’s attempts to interfere in the 2016 election by encouraging them to find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails and touted his support of Wikileaks
  • Claimed there were ” good people on both sides” at the Nazi rally in Charlottesville
  • Failed to implement an effective response to the COVID- 19 pandemic resulting in over 3 million infections and 395,000 deaths
  • Lied and declared he won re-election when he lost the popular and electoral college vote. Incited an insurgence against the government by using aggressive rhetoric claiming the election was stolen from him. The riot led to the death of 5 people
  • Refused to concede the election, congratulate Joe Biden, meet and consult with him to support a peaceful transition of power
  • Will not attend the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
  • Did not take action against Russia for wide-spread hacking into intelligence community resources
  • Spread propaganda and disinformation
  • Failed to pass a national healthcare plan to replace Obamacare

Republicans and Democrats can argue about policy, but when these above comparisons are made between Trump and Obama the major differences are clear; Trump is racist, law-breaking, dishonest, and dangerous, Obama abided by the Constitution, tried to unite not divide, spoke in facts, not disinformation, and stood up to our adversaries.

Trump leaves office pardoning friends and hardened criminals, lying about winning an election that he, and most people know, he lost, aligning with white supremacist and conspiracy theory groups, and staging an embarrassing military send-off despite the shame of his 34 % approval rating, the deadly insurgence against our government, and a massively out of control pandemic that he lied about and ignored. A narcissist cannot resist attention whether for good or evil.

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