For The 2nd Time This Week, The U.S. Supreme Court Rejected Trump’s Lawsuits Claiming The Presidential Election Results Should Be Overturned. Donald J. Trump, Soon To Be The Ex-President Of The United States, Is A Threat To American Democracy. So Are His Followers Who Support Trying To Overturn A Fair Election. His False Claims Of Election Fraud Had No Chance Of Winning In The Courts. Trump Is The Only U.S. President To Attempt To Stay In Power By Destroying U.S. Election Integrity. His Behavior Transcends Opportunism And Partisanship. It Exposes The Severity Of His Pathological Deviances Of Character, Clinically Referred To As Narcissism And Sociopathy.

Re-posting from Dec, 2020: Introduction: The false claims of election fraud have continued since Trump lost re-election. He has too much narcissism, sociopathy, and low- self esteem to emotionally navigate the reality that he was the loser in the election. Calling people a” loser” is one of his favorite attacks on others and his ” big lie” scam is the only way he could escape the shame he felt at losing the presidency after one term. We must constantly be reminded of his mental disorders, how he is trying to destroy democracy, how cruelty and racism define his ideology.

The judiciary branch of the U.S. government has held strong and protected democracy against Donald Trump’s four- year efforts to transform our democracy into a dictatorship. In two rulings this week, all of Trump’s Supreme Court appointees refused to support his corrupt, baseless assault on a fair election outcome. However, the majority of congressional Republicans are complicit in his anti-democracy agenda as are his supporters. A few GOP patriots like Senators Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse have bravely declared the threat Trump poses to our democracy.

The narrative that Trump is simply a different style of a politician, a mere Washington outsider who will save America from corrupt, swampy politicians has lost any plausibility. Through observation of his behaviors and rhetoric, thousands of mental health professionals have risked their reputations and diagnosed him, without having treated him professionally, as seriously mentally ill suffering with a personality disorder. Approximately 10% of the population suffers from a personality disorder. In general, these psychological illnesses have a poor prognosis. The origin of the disorders can be genetic or rooted in early abuse in childhood. Whatever the genesis of the disorders, the characteristics of the behaviors remain stable over time. Throughout Trump’s life, his public and private behavior patterns meet the DSM V criteria for narcissistic personality disorder and anti-social personality disorder.

Characteristics of narcissists are, 1) an inflated sense of their own importance 2) excessive need for attention and admiration 3) unstable relationships and 4) a lack of empathy for others.

Components of Anti-Social Personality Disorder are, 1) disregard for right vs wrong, 2) persistent lying for personal gain and to deceive others, 3) callousness, arrogance, impulsivity, 4) dangerous, risk-taking behavior with disregard for the safety of self and others, 5) hostility, irritability, and aggression and 6) lack of empathy for others.

Trump’s tweets, rally performances, policies, and legal troubles provide the evidence for the definitive diagnosis of these orders. He also isn’t a smart man. Despite the effectiveness of his sociopathic, manipulative, deceitful behaviors on his followers, he continuously sabotages himself. He lies on camera, impulsively changes his positions on issues based on self-interest, and most recently transparently used his claims of a stolen election to secure donations from gullible supporters in his Donations For Disinformation scam. His ego dysfunction is so profound, he cannot healthily navigate through the daily experience of living in the loss of re-election.

Trump’s allegiance to and secret communications with Russian President Vladimir Putin have resulted in his running the U.S. government in the image of a Russian version of democracy. His character flaws, disordered thinking, and cult- leader traits have captured the loyalty of millions of Americans who have been convinced to care more about him than about America remaining a moral democracy. In the tradition of Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin, Trump’s hunger for power has unleashed the threat of death to marginalized populations and the deconstruction of a rule of law democracy.

Despite his lawless attempts to become America’s first dictator, democracy has been protected by these Supreme Court decisions. Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Coney-Barrett may be ultra-conservatives but they have proven not to be corruptible. Democracy has survived Trump. After January 20th the courts will have another chance to end Trump’s destructive influences on America when he faces criminal charges for the numerous federal and state crimes he is accused of committing. No cries of support by his followers or Republican-elected officials can change the reality that no one is above the law.

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