TV Producers Should Consider A Weekly Debate Show Featuring Federal And State Elected Officials, And Members Of The Media To Debate And Prove Their Knowledge Of The Constitution And Other Topics Pertinent To Competent Governing And Truth Vs Lies. Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene Has Already Challenged Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To A Debate On The Green New Deal. That’s A Ratings Grabber! Let’s Also Pit Senator Rand Paul Against Dr. Anthony Fauci And Tucker Carlson Against Rachel Maddow. #1 Rule: No Opinions Or Lying. Only Facts And Knowledge Allowed.

Republican elected officials have relied on displays of hyperbolic rhetoric, reality TV style dramatics, lies and conspiracy theories to cover-up their lack of knowledge of The Constitution and how government works. What they lack in policy, integrity, and morality they make up for with corruption, power-mongerting, slogans, conspiracy theories, and hypocrisy. They rely on ” performance journalism, not facts, and create white,-identity anxiety in white- Christian Americans with race-based fear- mongering.

The disinformation, Republican propaganda machine has spread throughout our society like a malignant cancer. Televised debates based on the demonstration of knowledge on topics relevant to the Constitution and the values reflected on the Statue of Liberty. Various television networks, newspapers, and social media platforms have become spreaders of false information and opinion journalism that has incited divisiveness and violence. A network debate show might stand a chance in exposing congressional incompetents, conspiracy theories wackos, and opportunistic, uninformed members of the media.

Stupid, crazy statements made by Marjorie Taylor-Greene that predicts she will be intellectually massacred by A.O.C in a debate;

  • “China for sure made COVID-19 in a lab and unleased it globally as a bio-weapon”
  • “Seniors should resist getting vaccinated”
  • “Jewish lasers from space started the California Wildfires
  • “Congressional Democrats and celebrities have engaged in a pedophile ring, as QAnon reports, in the basement of a pizza parlor in New York.”
  • “Donald Trump won the election”.
  • ” People with Down Syndrome are “retards and are stupid”.
  • ” Vaccine mandates and passports violate our individual freedoms”.

Stupid, crazy things that Fox’s Tucker Carlson has said that predicts MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow will intellectually humiliate him.

  • “White supremacy is not a real problem in America”.
  • Claims with no evidence Rep. Adam Schiff is mentally ill”.
  • ” Immigrants will make the country ” poorer and dirtier”.
  • “Democrats are “replacing” the American electorate with new people, more obedient voters from the Third World
  • “In now appears there was meaningful fraud in Fulton County, Georgia”
  • “Between Dec. 2020 and last month, a total of 3,362 people died from taking the COVID-19 vaccine

Carlson’s has had an exodus of approximately 34 advertisers from his show because of his racist, incendiary, misogynistic and false comments. Fox News has no shame. To save themselves from losing millions to libel lawsuits, their legal defense blatantly admits, “Carlson is not reporting facts, rather, he speaks in exaggerated, hyperbolic, non- literal terms”.

Stupid, crazy things that Senator ( Dr) Rand Paul has said that guarantees he will get demolished by Dr. Anthony in a debate Fauci;

  • “If you think you have a right to healthcare, you are saying I am your slave”.
  • ” Social Security needs reform, and I hope it’s privatization”. ( is not a fan of social programs)
  • “Most masks don’t work to fight COVID”
  • “I have heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking, normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines”.

The debate idea is not meant to be funny or entertaining in a reality TV show way. The pervasiveness of disinformation, conspiracy theories, and propaganda in our government, the press, and social media is slowly dismantling our democracy. It is time for MAGA members of Congress and the press to demonstrate, through words and actions, a comprehensive understanding of our Constitution, knowledge of U.S. history, and how the three branches of government inter-relate.

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