Is Labor Day Going To Inflict The Next Surge Of Virus Onto America Because Of The Selfishness And Ignorance Of The Un-Vaccinated And Unmasked? Are Innocent People And The Recovering Economy Going To Needlessly Suffer Because The GOP Is Waging A War On Ending The Pandemic? The Definition Of Insanity Is, ” Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again And Expecting A Different Outcome”. As Holidays Come, Adults Act Like Little Children Who Can’t Wait To Go Out And Play. It’s A Pandemic, So Delay The Gratfication Of Stuffing Yourself Onto A Plane To Rush To Disneyland. Maga Enthusiasts Must Grow Up, Accept Science, And Care About Others!!!!!!

Labor Day weekend sparks fears of new coronavirus outbreaks

On July 4th, President Biden announced vaccinated people did not have to wear masks outdoors or indoors. There was a two-week window of time in July where it felt like we beat the virus. The Biden Administration had announced approximately $166 million Americans received at least one vaccination shot and the numbers of new infections, hospitalizations, and deaths were significantly down. President Biden proclaimed the fourth of July holiday would be the beginning of a return to normal life, however, urging we would need to remain vigilant about vaccinating more Americans and following protective protocols byt thankfully at a less restrictive level.

However, a vast number of Americans assembled on the fourth of July without using sensible judgment about the size and random nature of how large outdoor gatherings were being organized. Small indoor gatherings also proved to cause the virus to spread as many Americans, eager for a return to normalcy, rejected the continued use of COVID testing, mask-wearing, and social distancing. In a July 28th, 2021 CNN news report Biden was reported to say;

“We have a pandemic because of the unvaccinated and they’re sowing enormous confusion,” Biden said. “If those other hundred million people got vaccinated, we’d be in a very different world.”

By the beginning of summer this year, the vaccination rate slowed as Republican conspiracy theorists, red state governors, and MAGA opportunistic members of Congress amped up their politically-motivated campaign against science, masking, mask mandates, and vaccinations. The GOP pronouncement that COVID protection mandates infringe on the personal freedoms protected by the Constitution is a lie and is causing MAGA Americans, especially those in red states, to rebel against sensible, scientifically-based protection against becoming infected with COVID and unknowingly spreading it. The Republicans are proving themselves to believe that sacrificing the health of Americans and harming the economy is a worthwhile strategy in pursuit of regaining political power. The term for this pattern of thinking and behavior is ” sociopathy.” Sociopaths lack empathy, are self- absorbed and will lie and manipulate people and situations in dangerous ways to fulfill their personal agendas. Sociopaths will not protect democracy, they will destroy it.

Biden is not responsible for the resurgence of viral infection and hospitalization statistics. He didn’t cause the Delta variant. Rather, the emergence of variants to the COVID-19 virus occur due to low vaccination rates. The spread of infection is directly related to the millions of people who refuse to get vaccinated and are becoming infected and unknowingly spreading the disease throughout the population. The president is continuing to encourage every American to get vaccinated, supports schools and businesses putting mask-mandates in place, is providing incentives for people to get vaccinated, and is regularly providing the public with updated information on the pandemic and the science related to vaccinations, breakthrough infections, and protection protocols.

President Biden is experiencing an opposition to his presidency never before seen by a former president. His twice-impeached, one-term predecessor has called his election win stolen and fraudulent. The former guy has started an anti-democracy movement based on calling the 2020 election results a “big lie.” He has incited millions of Americans to believe he is still the legitimate U.S. President, while simultaneously trying to steal the election by phoning state election officials and pressuring them to find votes to flip the results in his favor. The case in Georgia has taped evidence that Trump and Sen. Lindsey Graham made calls to Governor Abbott and others attempting to get them to fraudulently change the election results. What is being revealed to anyone who is paying attention is the courts and the recounts have proven Biden beat Trump fairly and defensively.

The surges and variants will continue until the Jim Jones-like disciples of Trump realize he is a liar and is relying on their adolescent, ego-worship of him to fulfill his goal of transforming America into an autocratic country that he alone controls. His opposition to an aggressive approach at getting the pandemic under control is sabotaging the progress the Biden Administration made in the early part of this year. The post-Labor Day infection rates will once again reflect the Republican efforts, that for self-serving reasons, are infecting and killing emotionally vulnerable Americans.

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