America Is In Moral Decline Because Of The Declining Integrity Of The Trump- Controlled Republican Party. Questions Republicans Should Be Forced To Answer Include; 1) Do They Support The Racist Ideology Of Trump’s Policies? 2) Do They Support A President’s Right To Incite An Insurrection, And Then Do Nothing To Stop It? 3) How Do They Feel About A President’s Pardoning Of Criminals Who Lied To Protect Him? 4) Do They Support The Anti-Masking And Anti-Mask Mandate Movements That Leave Children Vulnerable To Catching The Delta variant and 5) How Do They Feel About A States Right To Throw Out Their Vote And Change The Results Of Election Whose Outcome They Don’t Like.

The 2021 Election Results Saved America, But For How Long?

The leadership of the Republican party has groomed it’s electorate to support racist policies, anti-democratic governing, and cruelty over compassion. After initially declaring Trump responsible for inciting the Jan. 6th insurrection, both Senator Mitch McConnell and Rep. Kevin McCarthy began downplaying the insurrection to get back in good standing with Trump. Their pivot from standing up for democracy to supporting the attempt to destroy it sealed their legacies as American traitors. MAGA politics has degraded the morals and values which have been ingrained in America’s identity from it’s inception. The Trump era has unleashed the dark side of human nature, normalized corruption, elevated greed over charity, and weakened the power of the rule of law. It has elevated psychologically and morally disturbed men like Steve Bannon, William Barr, and Steven Miller into power, all in the pursuit of white-identity political agendas.

The resistance to wearing masks and the anti-mask mandate positions by held Trump voters and Republican governors like Rick DeSantis and Greg Abbott are examples of cruel, selfish, and un-Christian attitudes. The acceptance of criminals being hired into the Trump Administration has branded the party as corrupt in their pursuit of power over policy.The democratic norms that Senator Mitch McConnell has broken signals the Republican party’s rejection of the essence of our American democratic values. He breaks norms to power-grab and the outcomes of his governing tactics are as damaging to the country as Trump’s, “big lie” and his repeated violations of the Constitution. McConnell’s abuse of power and malignant hypocrisy is stunning in it’s blatant arrogance and disregard for decency and patriotism. He is a relic from the past, echoing the worst times of racism and extreme white, corrupt political practices. He is pro-Mitch, pro-money, pro-Russia and pro-autocracy.

The denial and naivete of the MAGA electorate are astounding. The flagrant hypocrisy of the party is transparent to anyone willing to pay attention and set aside their feelings of adoration and blind loyalty. Mitch McConnell is the architect of political hypocrisy. In 2018, he modified the filibuster to get Neil Gorsuch appointed to the Supreme Court, yet calls Democrats power-grabbers as they consider changing the filibuster to pass voter protection legislation. He refused to allow Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nomination for the Supreme Court, to be considered. He claimed it was too close to the next presidential election, which was eight months away. Yet with only weeks left before the 2020 presidential election, he rushed Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney-Barrett to the Supreme Court. He used the process of reconciliations to pass conservative legislation, yet refers to Democrats’ use of the same process unfair partisanship. Hypocrisy should be a disqualifier for any elected official. It is dishonest, manipulative, and lacks the integrity required for the proper governing of a democracy.

The Republican party has become the party that supported the right of a president to incite a mob to storm the Capitol in an attempt to illegally stop the process of certification of the next fairly elected president of the United States. They are the party that uses conspiracy theories to gain the support of its base. They are the party that accepts when its members commit acts that violate their oath of office. They are the party that has abandoned its principles in the pursuit of the kind of power that ignores the premise of the democratic, two-party system. The party has allowed itself to be taken over by the proven-to-be corrupt, incompetent Donald Trump and his autocratic ideology. To recover its soul, anti- Trumpism Republican party members should start a new conservative party that rejects the current corrupt and immoral practices of the degraded remnants of the GOP. The survival of democracy depends on it.

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