The Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan Has Given Trump And His Entourage Of Political Puppets The Opportunity To Expose Their Racism And Anti-Democracy Agendas. Led By The Most UnAmerican Ex-President In U.S.History, The GOP Are Against The Biden Administration Allowing The Afghani Refugees To Immigrate To The U.S. The Rhetoric Against Our Afghani Allies Can Be Added To The Racist Policies  Shown To Asian-Americans,  Black Americans, Central Americans, And Mexican-Americans.

” Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” are the welcoming words inscribed on the base of the Statue of Liberty. However, the haters of anyone who is not white are raising their voices in protest of the possibility of America welcoming Afghanistan refugees looking to flee from the Taliban regime. Fox News performance journalist Tucker Carlson has started his hate-mongering campaign against Afghan refugees. He was quoted on saying, “bringing Afghan refugees to the US would be an “invasion”, despite many fleeing from being hunted down by the Taliban for working with American and NATO forces”. In an attempt to stoke fear in Fox viewers he said “over the next decade, that number may swell to the millions. So first we invade and then we’re invaded.”

Trump’s racist policies and rhetoric permitted the underlying racism inherent in the right-wing GOP,   the right-wing media, and the Republican electorate to surface and be legitimized. The Afghani’s are the latest group under attack by the Trump media and his political sycophants. His legacy of violence-inducing racism towards minorities include;

Racist Rhetoric Against Asian-Americans

  • Referring to COVID-19 as the “kung flu”
  • Spreading the ” lab theory” which accuses China intentionally creating and spreading the virus
  • When asked about how he felt about the 145% increase in hate-crime violence against Asian Americans, he said, “I don’t know. All I know is that Asian- Americans in ” our” country seem to be doing fantastically well.”
  • His constant anti-China pandemic rhetoric at his rallies MAGA rallies inciting violent reactions in his supporters

Racist Rhetoric Against Hispanics

  • Called Mexicans ” rapists” and “drug traffickers”
  • He called countries from South and Central America, ” shitholes”
  • He referred to the migration of asylum seekers from Central America as ” caravan of terrorists”
  • He rofiled  Curiel, a Hispanic judge, accusing him of being biased because of his race

Racist Rhetoric Against Black Americans

  • Referred to a black supporter at a rally as ” my African American
  • Used violence inducing rhetoric towards Black Lives Matter protestors
  • Threatened to use military force against the BLM peaceful protests
  • Vicious attacks on Quarterback Colin Kaepernik and other black NFL players for taking the knee during the National Anthem in protest of police violence against black American men
  • Referred to his impeachment ass a ” lynching”
  • Support of law enforcement most strong when defending their excessive use of force against black men taken into custody

Now the target of hate and abandonment are the Afghans, who fought hard alongside American soldiers to keep Afghanistan from  being a haven for terrorists. Unfortunately, the Taliban was always going to resume occupation of the country once we ceasd military presence there. President Biden knew that would happen, but hoped the American trained Afghan military would fight for their freedoms. He holds the Afghan government, not the Afghan people, for surrendering without a fight against the Taliban takeover.

The withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan has widespread support from the American people. The investment of $1 trillion dollars and 20 years of a military presence has helped raise the quality of life for Afghani women and girls. More women have graduated college and have careers that were not available to them prior to the American presence there. The Afghan military is 300,000 strong and has been trained and armed by American military to defend their government. Most importantly, American military presence there has kept the United States safe from terrorist attacks since 9/11.

Biden has made it clear that America never committed to keeping a military presence in Afghanistan indefinitely. He has been calling for ending the war for many years prior to becoming president. However, he expresses great admiration for the strength of the Afghan people and pledges to continue to support them as they struggle to navigate their lives under the rule of the Taliban.

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