Today President Joe Biden Showed Donald Trump How “The Art Of The Deal” Is Really Done. The Senate Passed The Bi-Partisan Version Of The $1.3 Trillion Dollar Infrastucture Bill With A 69-30 Vote. Trump Tried To Sabotage The Crucial, Widely Popular Bill, Proving He Doesn’t Care About America Its People, Or Its Problems. Any Success That Biden Achieves Triggers His  Narcissism, Jealousy, And Deep-Seated Insecurities.  Trump Was Not A Successul Deal Maker As President. He Was An Epic Failure At It Who Resorted To Bullying, Lying, And Breaking The Law To Get Anything Done.

President Biden Gets Bipartisan Infrasdtructure Win

“We can still come together to do big things, important things, for the American people,” said Biden as Democrats and Republicans worked together for months to achieve this legislative compromise.  The Biden $1.3 trillion Infrastructure bill passed with 19 Republicans joining Democrats in support of it. President Biden took a much-deserved victory lap touting proof that bipartisanship is still possible in Washington DC. The former president shunned Democrats and governed as if America is a one-party system. Trump accomplished nothing for the average American during his destructive one-term in office. The infrastructure bill that passed today will face scrutiny and revision in the House of Representatives. Pairing the $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” bill With the ” hard infrastructure bill” creates a challenge to getting the votes needed to pass.

The Associated Press reported today that “a sizable number of lawmakers showed they were willing to set aside partisan pressures, at least for a moment, eager to send billions to their states for rebuilding roads, broadband internet, water pipes and the public works systems that underpin much of American life.” The unprecedented funding allocates $550 billion to invest in rebuilding America’s aging infrastructure, creating millions of jobs, while also addressing climate change issues. In the partisan, extremist, disinformation environment of the anti- democracy former president, Biden has been able to remind at least 19 Senators that they work for the constituents who elected them, not Donald Trump. Biden called each Senator and thanked them personally for acting principled and brave by voting for the bill, despite now being a target for maniacal abuse by Trump.

While in office, Trump announced, ” this is infrastructure week” on a regular basis. In his post- presidency, this line has come back to haunt him because he never came close accomplishing infrastructure legislation. He excessively talked and made promises on issues of importance to the American people but ultimately abandoned any real effort or commitment to keeping those promises. He was, however, effective in convincing his supporters that his goals, like building the wall, waging war on immigrants, and giving tax cuts to the rich were the goals that would “Make America Great Again.” The truth is, it took kicking Trump out of office and electing Joe Biden to get Congress back to serving the people, instead of serving the dangerous, useless policies of a tyrant president.

The next stage of moving this legislation closer to becoming law will be challenging given the divide between the parties on policy priorities and spending. The progressive wing of the Democratic party is braced to resist approving the bill passed by the Senate unless the $3.5 trillion “soft infrastructure” bill is tied to it. The only path to this bill passing would be through the reconciliation process which will require the vote of all 50 Democratic Senators. No Republicans in the Senate are expected to vote in favor of federal funding for 1) childcare expenses, 2) elder care assistance, 3) tuition- free community college, 4) free pre-K education, 5) federal assistance for expanded healthcare programs, 6) programs to combat climate change 7) and expanding Medicare to include dental, vision and hearing aids.

Republicans tout their commitment to fiscal conservatism, believing that the federal government should be small and that “soft infrastructure” social programs are the responsibility of the individual states. The reality is many states, for a variety of reasons, cannot humanely provide for all of it’s citizens. Republican ideology ignores the reality and impact of poverty, disability, and lack of educational opportunity on the quality of life on millions of Americans throughout the 50 states.

President Biden’s plan intends to assist lower and middle-income families so, in the long term, they can reach their potential, attain financial stability, and contribute to the success of the country. Trump voters who continue to support his policies that favor white, prosperous America should show their loyalty to Trump and refuse to partake in the benefits that this compassionate president is creating for millions of Americans.

Fact: The red Trump states are significantly in need of the benefits from Biden’s policies. But if red state Trump voters reject the legitimacy of his presidency, then maybe they should be disqualified for the help they greatly need. Instead of life-changing assistance for a better life, they can spend their pennies on MAGA merchandise, get high on Trump’s hateful rhetoric, and wait for the rewards for their loyalty that will never come.

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